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Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

Nearly a year before President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis on the border, a team of experts arrived at the Fort Brown patrol station in Brownsville, Tex., and discovered a makeshift transportation depot for a deluge of foreign children. Thirty Border Patrol agents were assigned in August 2013 to drive the children to off-site showers, wash their clothes and make them sandwiches. As soon as those children were placed in temporary shelters, more arrived. An average of 66 were apprehended each day on the border and more than 24,000 cycled through Texas patrol stations in 2013. In a 41-page report to the Department of Homeland Security, the team from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) raised alarms about the federal government’s capacity to manage a situation that was expected to grow worse. The researchers’ observations were among the warning signs conveyed to the Obama administration over the past two years as a surge of Central American minors has crossed into south Texas illegally. More than 57,000 have entered the United States this year, swamping federal resources and catching the government unprepared. The administration did too little to heed those warnings, according to interviews with former government officials, outside experts and immigrant advocates, leading to an inadequate response that contributed to this summer’s escalating crisis...more

So was this mere incompetence, legitimate policy disagreement or pure politics dealing with immigration reform and Obama's re-election?

Writing at Breitbart, John Sexton says it was pure politics:

The White House was warned repeatedly that there was a growing crisis of unaccompanied minors on the border but chose not to address the issue for fear it would ruin the President's push for comprehensive immigration reform. A story in the Washington Post highlights a number of times the Obama administration was warned of the growing crisis on the border. For instance, a 2012 report by the Women's Refugee Commission spelled out the growing number of unaccompanied minors at the border which started in the fall of 2011...The Post story makes it clear that the administration didn't just fumble its response to the situation. The crisis was ignored for two years because of political considerations including the President's re-election and his push for comprehensive immigration reform. An unnamed source with knowledge of the situation tells the Post it came down to an internal disagreement between White House national security staffers worried about the border and "domestic policy advisers" focused on the politics. The individual tells the Post, "Was the White House told there were huge flows of Central Americans coming? Of course they were told. A lot of times. Was there a general lack of interest and a focus on the legislation? Yes, that’s where the focus was." In other words, the White House put its political goals over dealing with the crisis when it would have been more manageable.

Cartels suspected as high-caliber gunfire sends Border Patrol scrambling on Rio Grande

U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told FoxNews.com. The weapons were fired at the U.S. side of the riverbank in the area of the Rincon Peninsula across the Rio Grande from Reynosa, Mexico, at about 8:30 p.m., sources said. Bullets ricocheted into an area where Border Patrol agents were positioned, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told FoxNews.com. Border Patrol sources confirmed Gohmert's account, and said the shots may have been fired by .50-caliber weapons. "We don't have any armor that can stop a .50-caliber round, so our Border Patrol agents had to take cover when the rounds were richocheting around them," said Gohmert, who has been in the area for the last week to get a first-hand look at the border situation. "When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across," Gohmert added. "We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants." Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that type of weaponry. Border Patrol sources said the rounds were clearly identifiable because .50- caliber weapons make a distinctive noise when fired. Sources said they also believe this is the first time that Border Patrol agents have taken direct fire from the Mexican side of the river in this area...more

White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border

New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border. The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon, shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014. But the number of migrants who cross the border in so-called “family units” has spiked five-fold to 55,420, according to the border patrol’s data, which came out amid a storm of news about the shoot-down of a Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine, delays in failed U.S. nuke talks with Iran, and on Hamas’ continued war against Israel. In the Rio Grande area where most of the migrants are crossing the border, the number of so-called “unaccompanied children” was actually outnumbered by the inflow by adults, parents and children in “family units,” according to the data.  The much-faster growth in “family units” has been hidden by White House and agency officials, who have tried to portray the influx as a wave of children fleeing abuse and violence...more

Documents Detail Heinous Crimes Committed by Gang Members Being Housed in Nogales Processing Center

Late last week I reported 16 MS-13 gang members exploiting the unaccompanied minor crisis were being housed at a Border Patrol processing center in Nogales, Arizona. The gang members were discovered after graffiti was left on bathroom walls. Further investigation shows gang members from different criminal organizations were also discovered after a fight broke out between two rival MS-13 and 18th Street gang members in a shared holding cell. The gang members admitted in interviews with Border Patrol agents they had engaged in murder and torture in their home countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala before heading north to the United States. It was also confirmed through sources gang members have been using the processing center as a recruitment hub for new members.   Now, Border Patrol documents newly obtained exclusively by Townhall detail the crimes MS-13 and other gang members in the Nogales processing center admit to committing...more

Battle Over 2008 Law Conceals Real Border Fix, Says Report

President Barack Obama has conned GOP legislators and the media into blaming a 2008 anti-trafficking law for his failure to block the growing wave of migrants now crossing the Texas border, according to a new legal analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. The 2008 law does’t limit Obama’s ability to block the wave of families, working-age youths and children, says the new report.  The juvenile illegal immigrants are voluntarily crossing the border to find jobs and live with parents already in the United States, and so they aren’t covered by the 2008 anti-trafficking law, said Jon Feere, a legal analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which supports a reduction in the annual inflow of 1 million immigrants and 800,000 guest-workers. The debate over changing the law “should not become a distraction from addressing the bigger problem of lax enforcement [by the administration]… which continues to encourage people to come to the United States illegally,” he said...more

Editorial - Disease Tsunami Washing Across Our Border

    With medical professionals overwhelmed by border chaos, illegal aliens are being sent across the U.S. without basic health screening, raising the prospect of epidemics of diseases once thought eradicated.
    As unaccompanied minors from Central America who have flooded across President Obama's open borders are dispersed nationwide from Nebraska to Illinois to Massachusetts, concerns have arisen that the nation's health has been put at risk by poor and even absent medical screening.
    An internal Department of Defense memo obtained by ABC News reports that the director of refugee health at Health and Human Services "has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Ariz., facility." This may be just the tip of a medical-disaster iceberg.
    Officials involved in moving the immigrants from Border Patrol processing centers to Health and Human Services facilities are, according to the memo, "putting sick (fevers and coughing) unaccompanied children on airplanes inbound for (Naval Base Ventura County) in addition to the chicken pox and coxsackie virus cases."
    Three unaccompanied minors were reportedly in the ICU at local hospitals in California, and two of them were diagnosed with strep pneumonia. The same naval base has experienced an outbreak of pneumonia and influenza among the unaccompanied minors at its detention facility.
    The dispersal of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors, throughout the U.S. without proper medical screening is an appalling dereliction of duty by a president and an administration sworn to protect the health and safety of American citizens.
    "Most of the border minors are being kept in overcrowded facilities ridden with poor hygiene," Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, a preventive medicine specialist, told Breitbart News recently, adding, "This is the ideal condition for a viral outbreak."
    ...Border Patrol agents in Murrieta, Calif., have tested positive for tuberculosis. "We had one get bacterial pneumonia a couple days ago," Border Patrol union vice president Chris Cabrera told host Martha MacCallum on Fox News Channel's America's Newsroom Monday. "A lot of our guys are coming down with scabies or lice."
    "The Border Patrol is trying to play catch-up, and we're having a lot of diseases coming in, and some we haven't seen in decades," said Cabrera. "We are worried they'll spread throughout the United States, especially if they are being released and have the disease."
    We're worried as well.
    Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., who is also a medical doctor, has fired off a scathing letter to the director of the Centers for Disease Control.
    "As the unaccompanied children continue to be transported to shelters around the country on commercial airlines and other forms of transportation, I have serious concerns that the diseases carried by these children may begin to spread too rapidly to control," he says.
    "In fact, as you undoubtedly know, some of these diseases have no known cure."
Of particular concern, Gingrey continues, are "reports of illegal migrants carrying deadly diseases such as swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis." Also of concern, we would add, is the spread of measles and chicken pox among Americans.
    To repeat: President Obama is putting America's health at risk. His open-border policy is enough to make you sick — literally.

'Gunslingers' debuts Sunday (July 20) on the American Heroes Channel

To preview "Gunslingers," a new docu-drama miniseries mining the enduring appeal of Old West legends debuting Sunday (July 20) at 9 p.m. on the American Heroes Channel, the network brought Bob Boze Bell to the Summer TV Tour. Executive editor of "True West" magazine, Bell is one of the authorities interviewed in the episodes, which revisit the lives of Wyatt Earp (star of the premiere episode), Billy the Kid (July 27), Jesse James (Aug. 3), Wild Bill Hickok (played by Walt Willey of "All My Children" on Aug. 10) and so on. In addition to many scholars of Western lore, interviews in the series include David Milch ("Deadwood") and Kurt Russell ("Tombstone"). To its credit, "Gunslingers" doesn't just reprint the legends as they're widely held. A lot of those legends were written by newspapermen of the era, who often were as whisky-drunk as their subjects and sources. Generations of later researchers have gone behind the hand-set headlines, and many of today's best from those ranks were interviewed for the series...more

Ranch Radio Song Of The Day #1248

Its Swingin' Monday on Ranch Radio and here is Red Sovine with Farewell, So Long, Goodbye.

The number was recording in Nashville on March 5, 1951 for MGM.  Note MGM was the same label that Hank Williams recorded for and look who was in the studio that day backing up Sovine:  Don Helms on steel and Jerry Rivers on fiddle.


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Cowgirl Sass & Savvy

Only in a small town

by Julie Carter

Small town America:  an icon of Americana that stirs memories of simpler lives, simpler times.

Many of us are still blessed to live near or in one of those little towns. More still have memories of “that’s where they came from originally.”  People that are born, raised and live in metropolis areas don’t know what they have missed!

Everyone waves at everyone and it’s not an obscene gesture.  (Styles of waving is another story for another day). The wave doesn’t need to mean you know who you are waving at; it is just the friendly nature of the local folks. They wave in town and they wave on the highway leaving town.

The local bank president moonlights as a ranch hand on weekends when his family works cattle.  He runs a branding iron or drags calves to the fire right along with the hands that do it for a living. He’s a third generation rancher that ended up with a suit and a tie job.

Signing a ticket in most towns means the Visa or MasterCard part of the sale.  In small towns, it’s a charge ticket at the hardware store and only requires stating “this is for old so and so and they told me to put it on a ticket for them.”

Getting directions is often a challenge in asking the right questions.  Most locals will answer in terms requiring knowledge and a memory of at least the last 25 years.

“You make a turn out there by the old Smith House and then go down that road until you have to turn that corner where those kids wrecked their car that time, then it’s not far past that.”  Using “the stop light” as a reference point is not uncommon.

The UPS man knows your phone number by heart and is able to follow the instructions mentioned in the last paragraph.  He will call you and tell you he left a package for you at the hardware store and who it was from in case it is something you urgently need.

You know who is in town by the cars parked at the post office and the courthouse.  If you don’t run into them there, they’ll be at lunch in one of the few eating spots in town. You never eat out without having a catch visit with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Most of the vehicles on the street still have their keys in them.  The doors will be open and you can leave your neighbor that dreaded sack of “extra” zucchini he’s been dodging for a weeks.

The manager of the grocery store can be seen pushing a cart down the aisle filling an order for someone that called it in. If something you need isn’t on the shelf by brand name or kind, tell him and he’ll get it in the next shipment.

Rural youth organizations like 4-H and FFA are a big part of most kids’ lives and everyone in town knows about it. The graduating class is small enough to fit in two Suburbans for a trip.  Homecoming is a big deal and school sports are the center of most of the winter conversations in town. 

Merchants know you, know your children, and know where to find you if your children are looking for you. The police station in town is not a scary place since the chief has school children; he’s a familiar face to the kids.

Small town America. Where the kids can’t wait to grow up and get away. Then they spend most their lives wishing they were back in that simple life among people who really care about each other. It’s that caring familiar attitude that draws those leaving cities to come among us.

Julie can be reached for comment at jcarternm@gmail.com

Child Flight - Cartel controlled border

The Hypocrisy of Federal Enforcement
Child Flight
Cartel controlled border
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            If the plight of children on the Mexican Border is new news, you are living a make believe world.
            There are numbers of ‘most impressionable incidents’, but the winter morning on the Pipeline Road in our Goodsight Pasture has to be one of the most memorable. It was there I encountered a group of 20 illegals made up largely of women and children.
            It was freezing cold, and the light rain that had fallen intermittently all night lay in sheets of ice on the ground. Held to its mother’s breast, the most critically affected baby of the group was wrapped in a drenched blanket. It didn’t make a sound the entire time. It just stared, and … shook.
            All I could do was to offer directions and instructions. If I had been caught giving aid and transporting those Mexicans, I would have been prosecuted. Very likely, those illegals would have been released.
            For too long, my government does not recognize my importance on the border. It also fails to carry out the mandates that protect me, other Americans, and babies like the one I witnessed freezing in that immense stretch of American border frontier.
            The numbers
            The claimed number of juveniles making headlines in Texas is miniscule compared to the infants that have made the long walk across the southern border over time. The real news remains what triggered the revealing exodus and why this administration wants to make issue of it now.
            The idea these children are crossing Mexico from war torn countries is fiction. The only war torn battle fields are the cartel controlled border smuggling corridors, and notice thereof should be taken. The arrival of the children is concentrated in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas not through the most lucrative trade portals of western New Mexico and the Tucson Sector of Arizona. The cartels are disallowing the entry of publicity generating infants in those corridors. Those portals are reserved for drugs and higher value illicit trade.
            Nearly exclusively, the Valley arriving children have parents in the United States. They make up the 15-20 million illegals living in our midst and crushing our social services.
We know that because the kids being processed must provide an address where their parents are living as a condition of their release. Customs and ICE personnel are being given those addresses in the United States where those illegals are residing, but … they cannot use that intelligence to apprehend and deport those illegals.
The State Department contribution
A shadow operation has also been underway in American Consulate offices across Mexico. Consulate officials are being required to issue visas under increasing quota demands.
Word leaking out of the ranks of those officials is that they are being inundated with visa requests. As a consequence, mandatory and essential checks of due diligence have become impossible to complete. The result of such reckless action by the State Department is setting the stage for catastrophe.
This madness has a corresponding and reciprocal impact on administration of ports of entry. The processing protocols including those for arriving kids are hugely time consuming. It takes a minimum of 4-8 hours to process each request. The regulatory burden is increased by an eight hour limit imposed on the detained people. If held beyond that time limit, authorization from administrative hierarchy must be obtained for further detention. The rights being extended to these foreigners are being given priority over the agency’s ability to process the established safeguards deemed necessary to protect the American public from harm.
Word filtering out of Customs is that desks are being “swept” of documents in order to expedite the number demands. Befuddled Customs agents are as confused as all Americans should be.
The plea for more man power and money by this President is predicated, in part, on the assertion these problems can be solved by expanding the bureaucracy associated with these induced processing bottlenecks. Based on the interacting events, though, any expansion of personnel would only accelerate the numbers of applicants as long as the State Department and the Administration continue the quest to expand the distribution of entry documents.
The Administration’s mandated instructions are overwhelming the system.
Addresses and loopholes
The matter of addresses held by illegals in this country is nightmarish. The more it is studied the more it emerges as a ‘pull’ mechanism for the expansion of numbers. The addresses of the illegals not only now invite more dependent children they are securing the beachhead for the illegal parents. Heretofore, those people have sought anonymity.
Implicit in the whole affair is the mounting impasse of complexity and the inevitable expansion of welfare distributions.
An example is a recent case in El Paso where an 18 year old boy appeared at the border and asked to be admitted as a legal resident. He had never lived in the United States, couldn’t speak English, certainly wasn’t assimilated in the culture, but, upon investigation, he had the legal right to enter. When he was born in El Paso to a Mexican national, a social worker walking the halls of the hospital sought the mother and suggested helping her to secure various benefits. All that was needed was an American address.
The mother provided her sister’s address in El Paso and began receiving American benefits while continuing to live in Mexico. Upon investigation 18 years later, the Customs official determined the Mexican national couldn’t be held liable for false information … it was the welfare worker who filled out the paperwork!
The next chapter
Meanwhile, the southern border remains a sieve.
None other than SouthCom’s commander, Marine Corps General John Kelly, describes the border with its smuggling corridors as “wide open for business”.     
“Many argue these (border) threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security,” the general began in congressional testimony. “I disagree.”
The official estimate that only 26% of actionable border illicit trafficking events even surface is a poor record for a border this president declares to be safer than any time in our history. As witnessed by his recent spontaneous reactions in Texas, his assessment of the mess remains embroiled in the shortage of immigration attorneys and administrators, and the obstruction of Republican law makers.
His willingness to actually elevate the effectiveness of border protection, however, must be revealed in his administration’s Border Patrol border flight directives. Helicopter time out of Arizona’s Sierra Vista is being limited to seven hours per pilot month down from 70 hours and more in the Bush administration.
Although Texas is getting the press, the hot (drug smuggling) corridors remain those in Arizona and the nearby Bootheel of New Mexico. That is the domain of the billion dollar dealer to market trafficking lanes. That is where specific geographic and land management factors have combined to allow the cartel wealth to grow and exceed the gross national product of most nations of the world. It is also there that the greatest threat yet to the soft underbelly of the nation slumbers and awaits its grand opening.
On May 21, this president, by executive order, signed into law the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument. Up to that time, the Potrillo Mountains component of that designation displayed every characteristic of the Arizona corridors except … unrestricted access by the Border Patrol and the presence of sovereign Americans with investments at risk … ranchers. Unless the pending management plan for that border monument clearly and extensively promotes the presence of those two critical border protection components, that new corridor will have every physical characteristic of the Arizona portals and has the earmarks to exceed the dangers of all of them.
The added danger comes from the new and largest inland port in the world now open and doing business east from the Potrillo Mountain complex. Part of the ultramodern rail lines emanating from that port east-west and north-south actually serve as the boundary of the northeast thrust of the Potrillo component. There are, at any given time, multiple unit trains parked along that boundary awaiting routing clearance. With any restriction for patrolling access in the massive national monument land to the south toward the border, those stationary trains and the security void around them pose an immense national security risk. The entire complex becomes a tailor made staging area to move drugs, weapons of mass destruction, and agents of American destruction into the country to be dispersed into the populous.
The implications are astounding, and, yet, this government, led by the president and New Mexico senators, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, has ignored every warning plea offered by Americans fully at risk with duties, responsibilities, and or investments in the monument footprint.

Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “The cash fee for successfully delivering each child across the border is averaging $6,000.  The children are then held for weeks and even months before they are reunited with their parents.”

Group targets right-wingers for fun and profit, mostly profit


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently published a report loosely based on the standoff at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Bunkerville titled “War in the West: The Bundy Ranch Standoff and the American Radical Right.”
    It was duly reported by the press without a smidgen of skepticism.
    “The Bundy standoff has invigorated an extremist movement that exploded when  President Obama was elected, going from some 150 groups in 2008 to more than 1,000 last year,” the report declares breathlessly on its opening page, without an ounce of documentation or attribution. “Though the movement has waxed and waned over the last three decades, anti-government extremists have long pushed, most fiercely during Democratic administrations, rabid conspiracy theories about a nefarious New World Order …”
    SPCL is a multimillion-dollar leftist organization built on direct marketing and scare tactics, having little to do with poverty or law. It touts itself as “a nonprofit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation.” Yet it spreads hate and intolerance with vile innuendo and base speculation. It also inflates its hate group count by counting every chapter in every state as a separate group.
    In a press release announcing the “War” report, SPLC’s Mark Potok claims, “The Bundy ranch standoff wasn’t a spontaneous response to Cliven Bundy’s predicament but rather a well-organized, military-type action that reflects the potential for violence from a much larger and more dangerous movement.”
    This conclusion is based entirely on an interview with a single person, 30-year-old Ryan Payne of Montana, who the report claims told “counter snipers” where to position themselves behind concrete and pavement barriers. Basically, as shown in photographs in the report and in numerous newspapers, a man with a rifle peeked between barriers on a highway overpass. In one photo there is one rifle and a half dozen cameras. No mention is made of the photo taken by Bundy family members of Bureau of Land Management snipers atop hills.
    As for the claim that the support for Bundy was not spontaneous, the report contradicts its author by pointing out that Payne spontaneously drove though the night from Montana with a friend after becoming enraged by a YouTube video of BLM agents using a Taser on one of Bundy’s sons.
    The standoff between the BLM and the armed supporters ended on April 12. The agency had shown up with hundreds of heavily armed agents to confiscate Bundy’s cattle, which had been grazing without permits on federal land in Gold Butte for 20 years.
    Though the SPLC says 900 of Bundy’s cattle had been rounded up and placed in pens, media reports place the number at less than 500. SPLC also notes that the BLM packed up and left, citing a “serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” not mentioning that the BLM had not secured any place to take the confiscated cattle and had no choice but to let them go, as Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie has confirmed.
    The report also makes numerous redundant references to the presence at the ranch of Jerad and Amanda Miller — who later ambushed and killed two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian who tried to stop them — suggesting an ideological affinity. The report did not mention that the couple was told to leave the ranch or that they had also attended a leftist Million Mask March in Indiana.
    SPLC’s definition of hate groups is broad, sweeping in groups that question amnesty for illegal immigrants and church groups that oppose gay marriage. None of the so-called hate groups on its list is on the left of the political spectrum. There are groups with the phrase tea party or patriot in their names but none with occupy or pro choice.
    SPLC was founded in 1971 by direct mail marketer Morris Dees. According to the organization’s 2012 IRS report, the latest available, it had assets of more than $290 million, receiving more than $37.5 million in contributions and grants that year.
    Writer Potok was paid $163,000, while Dees fetched more than $350,000, as did President and CEO Richard Cohen. Eight other staffers were paid between $100,000 and $200,000 each.
    As for tolerance, Potok told a hate crimes conference in 2007, “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on … I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them.”
    Ah, tolerance.

Thomas Mitchell is a longtime Nevada newspaper columnist. You may share your views with him by emailing thomasmnv@yahoo.com. Read additional musings on his blog at http://4thst8.wordpress.com/.

I commented on the errors in the SPLC report here.

WSMR, DOD may take control of range's Northern Extension Area

On a wide swath of too-often dry and usually wind-swept land along the northern reaches of White Sands Missile Range, ranchers and the military have long ridden herd on a cooperative, if occasionally grudging, relationship. Now, the recent approval of the SunZia transmission line through the missile range — a compromise between the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Land Management in May — has again stirred concerns about access to federal lands and government transparency. Tucked away in the national defense authorization act is a line that provides for "further withdrawal of federal land and transfer to White Sands Missile Range." That line, if given congressional approval and a presidential signature, would essentially shift control of 328,729 acres of BLM land to the DOD. It would only affect future utility construction across the military testing and training grounds and would have no impact on hunting or grazing leases that are in place, nor affect the planned SunZia transmission line, said U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M. The change would give the DOD and WSMR an effective last word when deciding if future construction could take place on the range and the northern buffer zone currently controlled by BLM. BLM would still maintain the grazing and hunting leases and other land-management decisions, he said. At issue is a corridor created to allow for the SunZia transmission line, which included an agreement that several portions of the line would be buried — five miles in all. The proposed transmission line will connect and deliver electricity generated in New Mexico and Arizona to population centers in the Southwest...more

Steve Pearce, if it wasn't for all the subsidies, tax incentives and mandates Congress has passed or funded for "green energy", this proposed transmission line wouldn't even exist.  So let's identify the real culprit here - Congress.

Ray Powell, you are quoted as saying there should be "transparency" and "more discussion must be held with full public input".  I find that ironic in that you endorsed Obama's designation of a 500,000 national monument down here.  Where was the "full public input" on the monument's boundaries, the grazing language, the items to be protected and so on?  There wasn't any.  You are also quoted as being concerned the lands would go from an agency that manages for "multiple-use" to one where that wouldn't be the case.  Well, the national monument proclamation took lands out of "multiple-use" and placed them in a management scheme were there are a few dominant uses that will control everything else.

Mexico Reports 1st Litter of Wolf Cubs in the Wild

The first known litter of Mexican gray wolves has been born in the wild as part of a three-year effort to re-introduce the subspecies to a habitat where it disappeared three decades ago, Mexican officials reported Thursday. Mexico's National Commission for Natural Protected Areas said the wolf pups were sighted in June by a team of researchers in the western Sierra Madre mountains. "This first litter represents an important step in the recovery program, because these will be individuals that have never had contact with human beings, as wolves bred in captivity inevitably do," the commission said in a statement. It said the pups appeared to be doing well. Mexico began reintroducing wolves in 2011, and the parents of this litter had been released in December with hopes they would reproduce. Authorities seldom reveal the exact location of breeding pairs in recovery programs, to protect endangered species. The Mexican gray wolf remains an endangered species in the United States and Mexico. But a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service annual survey released in January showed there are at least 83 of the endangered predators in Arizona and New Mexico, marking the fourth year in a row the population has increased...more

Soon there will be more than unaccompanied, illegal minors crossing our border.  The difference is the wolves will be legal.

Idaho could get a new national monument in Boulder, White Cloud mountains

The chances of a national monument being designated in central Idaho are better than 50 percent, the executive director of the 2.4-million-member Sierra Club says. "Well north of 50-50," said Michael Brune on a stop in Boise on Thursday before heading to the proposed monument area for a camping trip. "I'd say it's likely, but clearly not yet settled." Brune said he's met with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to discuss a 592,000-acre national monument in the rugged Boulder and White Cloud mountains, and that tens of thousands of club members are working for monument designation. The group had a similar game plan leading up to the designation in May of a national monument in southern New Mexico. President Obama vowed during the signing ceremony for the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument to make more proclamations using his executive power under the Antiquities Act to protect federal lands. Brune, who attended the signing ceremony in Washington, D.C., said Obama's statement that he wasn't done creating national monuments drew loud applause. "Internally, we've been meeting with the Department of the Interior, Council on Environmental Quality, and members of the president's senior staff inside the White House to talk about being ambitious in to declare these new national monuments," Brune said. "If we're not able to get strong legislation passed, then it's his responsibility to use his executive authority."...more

Some U.S. faith groups unload fossil-fuel investments

Worried about global warming, a growing number of churches and other faith groups are divesting their holdings in fossil-fuel companies, which release large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. “The warning in Scripture that ‘the wages of sin is death’ could not be more literally true than it is in the case of fossil fuels,” said Serene Jones, president of New York’s Union Theological Seminary, whose board voted in June to divest its $108.4 million endowment of holdings in fossil-fuel companies. “While we realize that our endowment alone will hardly cause the fossil-fuel giants to miss even half a heartbeat,” Jones said, “as a seminary dedicated to social justice, we have a critical call to live out our values in the world. Climate change poses a catastrophic threat, and as stewards of God’s creation, we simply must act.” Other religious institutions that have recently voted to divest fossil-fuel investments include the World Council of Churches (July 10), the Unitarian Universalists (June 28) and the United Church of Christ (July 2013). Many smaller and regional groups — such as the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, the Shalom Center and the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — have also approved fossil-fuel divestment. And the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) last month voted to study the possibility...more

Bear relocated after killing cow near Red Lodge

A Wyoming grizzly bear was relocated to the upper Gallatin Canyon after killing a young cow near Red Lodge. On Tuesday, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists helped U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services capture an 8-year-old male grizzly bear between Red Lodge and Belfrey after a rancher reported that a cow was killed on Sunday. The bear was tranquilized, and while recording its age and sex, biologists determined from a tag that the bear had been captured as a 3-year-old in Wyoming in 2009. The bear traveled a significant distance, but FWP bear biologist Kevin Frye has said that more bears are being seen in the plains east of the Beartooth Front. Similarly, grizzly bears from the Rocky Mountain Front are moving east onto the plains around Great Falls. The bear had no history of predation, so the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and FWP decided to relocate the bear rather than kill it...more

Three more cases of rare human plague found in Colorado

Three more people in Colorado have been diagnosed with the plague after coming in contact with an infected dog whose owner contracted a life-threatening form of the disease, state health officials said on Friday. In all, four people were infected with the disease from the same source, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said in a statement. Last week the department said a man in an eastern Colorado county whose dog died of the plague had been diagnosed with pneumonic plague, a rare and serious form of the disease. The man remains hospitalized, but authorities have not released his condition. The bacteria that causes plague occurs naturally in the western United States, primarily in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The infected canine in Colorado likely contracted the disease from prairie dogs or rabbits, which are the primary hosts for fleas that carry the bacteria. When an infected animal dies, the fleas spread the disease when they find another host...more

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s

On Wednesday—a day before the Malaysian airliner was shot down—President Obama quietly signed an executive order targeting Russian oil, natural gas, finance and defense companies. Hidden in the details, was a section that effectively bans AK-47s. As always, the devil is in the details, so read on for the straight scoop.  While signing an executive order to impose new sanctions on Russia, President Obama used his pen to also further his agenda of gun control by including a ban of parts used to build or repair Russian AK-47s. That is the headline and certainly bad news for the gun community. First, the law only applies to Russian made AKs. Therefore, all AK’s and parts imported from other countries are still legal. Second, Executive Order 13662 does not impact any firearms or parts that have already been imported—well almost…more

Cornhole champions being decided in West Virginia

Cornhole, the strange-sounding game made popular in backyards and at football tailgate parties, is taking on a serious side this week. The American Cornhole Organization will crown its world champions as about 380 competitors from 17 states vie for $10,000 in prize money in singles and doubles events...more

Some of you readers have really filthy minds.

Cornhole involves tossing one-pound bags filled with plastic pellets into a hole in a slanted board 27 feet away. Players earn points depending on whether the bags land in the hole or on the board.  The first one to 21 points wins.

Read more here: http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/2014/07/18/4361219/cornhole-champions-being-decided.html?sp=/99/134/253/617/#storylink=cpy

Ranch Radio Song Of The Day #1247

With all the stuff going on in Russia today, I thought this might be appropriate.  Our gospel tune is They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain by Wesley Tuttle.  The tune was recorded in Hollywood on Jan. 30, 1952 for Capitol Records.

Artist Biography by Greg Adams

The brevity of the 1940s and '50s country charts did a disservice to artists like Wesley Tuttle, who enjoyed wide exposure on radio, television, and film but had few chart hits. If country music's Top 100 had been compiled in those early days, Tuttle's popularity would be more apparent to present-day chart perusers. Tuttle was an important figure in the West Coast country music scene, but his retirement from secular music in 1957 contributed to the low profile from which he suffers, even though he remained active in sacred music throughout the '60s. Born Wesley LeRoy Tuttle in Lamar, CO, on December 30, 1917, he gained an early exposure to phonograph records in the cafe where his parents worked. The Tuttles relocated to San Fernando, CA, just before Tuttle's fifth birthday, and there he learned to play the ukulele and acquired an interest in singing and performing. At the age of eight he lost the middle three fingers of his left hand in an accident at his father's butcher shop, which forced him to chord his ukulele (and eventually, guitar) with his right hand. While recovering from the accident, Tuttle received a radio as a gift and took an interest in Jimmie Rodgers, who inspired Tuttle to learn how to yodel. By the age of 12 Tuttle could play guitar, sing, and yodel with enough proficiency to earn a spot on KNX in Los Angeles. In the early '30s he caught the ear of Stuart Hamblen, who invited Tuttle to appear on his radio show, "The Family Album," the most popular country music program in southern California at the time. From there Tuttle obtained other radio and film work, such as performing Dopey's yodel in the Walt Disney film Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Success emboldened Tuttle to quit high school and pursue a music career in earnest. In 1939, Tuttle moved to Dayton, OH, and worked at WLW in Cincinnati, where he married his first wife and met Merle Travis. Tuttle returned to California after a dispute with WLW, resuming radio work and meeting Johnny Bond. Through Bond's connections, Tuttle joined the Jimmy Wakely Trio and, in 1944, backed Tex Ritter on the recording session that yielded the hit "Jealous Heart." Tuttle also appeared in a number of western films starring Jimmy Wakely, Charles Starrett, and Tex Ritter. The success of "Jealous Heart" led to a contract with Capitol Records, and Tuttle cut his first sessions in 1944. Tuttle brought in Merle Travis, who had moved to California, as his guitarist and backing vocalist -- a role that Travis would fill for several years. Tuttle made a handful of significant hits, including the chart-topping "With Tears in My Eyes" in 1945 and one of four hit versions of "Detour" in 1946. The demands of Tuttle's career contributed to the breakup of his marriage, and in 1946 he married Marilyn Meyers, who became his duet partner. As Wesley & Marilyn Tuttle, the couple made Tuttle's final chart hit, "Never," in 1954. In the '50s Tuttle worked as a writer and host on the country music television program Town Hall Party, but he quit television and canceled his contract with Capitol in 1957 after converting to Christianity. He enrolled in a Christian college to become a minister, and in 1959 made his first gospel album for Sacred Records. Tuttle served as Sacred's musical director and recorded a number of religious albums -- with and without Marilyn -- through 1969 before retiring from music altogether. He passed away September 29, 2003.