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You've got to be kidding me! - Biden administration developing plan to require foreign visitors to be vaccinated


They are turning loose thousands of illegals diagnosed with Covid-19, but are going to require legal immigrants and travelers to be fully vaccinated?  

Biden administration developing plan to require foreign visitors to be vaccinated -official 

The Biden administration is developing a plan to require nearly all foreign visitors to the United States to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of eventually lifting travel restrictions that bar much of the world from entering the United States, a White House official told Reuters on Wednesday.

The White House has held discussions with airlines and others about how it would implement a policy of requiring vaccines for foreign visitors. The administration must also answer other questions including what proof it would accept of vaccination and if the United States would accept vaccines that some countries are using but which have not yet been authorized by U.S. regulators.

Local South Texas officials declare disaster declarations due to migrant influx, coronavirus concerns

 Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez on Monday afternoon declared a local disaster declaration due to the high volume of migrants released in the county by border officials and the growing threat of COVID-19 they might bring, telling Border Report that the region “has reached the point of capacity.”

Cortez and three other South Texas county judges from Willacy, Cameron and Starr counties have held firm against issuing disaster declarations that coincide with Gov. Greg Abbott’s declaration. But Cortez said Monday’s declaration was necessary and these “extraordinary measures” were taken to help the county hopefully qualify for additional funding to help mitigate untold costs associated with the migrants.

On Monday evening, McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos, whose city is the largest in Hidalgo County, also issued a disaster declaration. The city’s declaration is due to the high numbers of migrants that the city is dealing with as the Department of Homeland Security releases hundreds of migrants per day in downtown McAllen to the care of the nonprofit Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, which is operating out of a building owned by the city...MORE

South Texas Police Department Issues Public Health Announcement After COVID-Stricken Migrants Seen 'Coughing, Sneezing' At Whataburger


The La Joya Police Department issued a public health announcement after an officer approached an undocumented migrant family at Whataburger who told him Border Patrol released them because they had COVID-19.

On July 26 the police department of the small town along the Rio Grande and Mexican border shared details of the incident. They said a concerned citizen at the restaurant waved down the officer. The citizen told him about the family “coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and not wearing face masks.” Whataburger management also told the officer that they wanted the group to leave as well due to “their disregard to other people’s health.”

In addition to telling the officer that Border Patrol had released them days prior due to their coronavirus status, the family said a charity group had paid for their room at the nearby Texas Inn Hotel. The officer followed up on that information, finding out that Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked all the rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants detained by Border Patrol. He saw a group of 20 to 30 people staying at the hotel who were “out and about.” Most of them weren’t wearing masks, according to the officer.

Police said they learned that Border Patrol was quarantining other undocumented individuals who were COVID positive, or showed symptoms of illness, then handing them over to the non-profit. Catholic Charities would in turn place the undocumented individuals in hotels in the McAllen area as well as La Joya...MORE

Texas border city says more than 7,000 COVID-positive migrants released since February, 1,500 in last week


The Texas border city of McAllen says more than 7,000 COVID-positive migrants have been released into the city since February, and more than 1,500 in the past week -- the latest example of growing concern about the potential impact of the border crisis on efforts to control COVID-19 in the U.S.

In a statement announcing the building of new temporary shelters to deal with a "rapidly escalating" surge of immigrants being released into the border city, McAllen warned of the release of thousands of migrants with COVID-19.

"Since mid-February of 2021 there have been over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive immigrants released into the city of McAllen by [Customs and Border Protection], including over 1,500 new cases in the past seven days," the statement said.

The stunning numbers come amid increasing concerns from Texas and elsewhere about the potential impact of the massive numbers of migrants coming to the border on the efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic within the United States...MORE

FOX NEWS Exclusive footage shows massive influx of illegal aliens

Startling Discovery Suggests 40% of Wild Deer in The US Have Had The Coronavirus

 The novel coronavirus appears to have somehow jumped from humans to wild deer in some parts of the United States.

In the northeast corner of the nation, a recent federal survey found neutralizing antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 in 40 percent of all white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) that were sampled.

In the state of Michigan alone, 67 percent of free-ranging deer showed immune markers for the coronavirus in their bloodwork.

It's the first evidence of widespread exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in wild animals, and while the preprint study still needs to be verified and peer-reviewed, the findings are cause for concern.

While none of the deer showed adverse health effects, the presence of specific antibodies in their blood suggests they recently fought off the virus.

By silently harboring and spreading this pathogen, scientists worry deer populations are allowing SARS-CoV-2 to adapt and evolve into new strains – ones that could possibly re-infect humans years down the road with even greater transmissibility and severity than before. 


Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Stricter controls sought against ag-based water pollution USDA ARS

 Greater buffer zones around bodies of water and more consistent enforcement of water protection regulations are needed to reduce agriculture-based pollution in the Western U.S., a recent review from Oregon State University found.

Prior research has shown that agricultural pollution, both from croplands and rangelands, is the cause of 48% of water-quality impairment in U.S. surface waters, which in turn disrupts habitat for fish and insects and reduces biodiversity in aquatic environments.

The OSU paper, featured earlier this month on the cover of the journal Water, reviewed more than 40 case studies on the impacts of agriculture on water quality. Specifically, researchers looked at studies that related agricultural management practices to aquatic responses in rivers and streams; and related livestock rangeland uses to biotic responses within rivers and streams as well as in riparian zones, the areas bordering rivers and streams.

The latest national assessment of streams and rivers in the lower 48 U.S. states found that only 26-30% of the entire stream and river length was in good condition for the insects and fish that inhabit them. Still, researchers are optimistic that with proper mitigation, led by local communities, the U.S. can improve aquatic habitat and boost the health of water-dwelling species...MORE

Biden BLM nominee called to 'wage war on overpopulation'


President Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) called to "wage war on overpopulation" in order to protect grizzly bears.

Tracy Stone-Manning, the president's nominee for BLM director, wrote an essay published by the High Country News in February 1991 after she got married on how to preserve the grizzly bear population in the U.S.

Stone-Manning’s idea to help the endangered bear repopulate was to set aside land for them after our "Pyrrhic" victory of "conquering" the West, saying humans "have annexed too much space" and that humanity’s "greatest weapon in this battle has been our numbers."

"In fact, we keep marching on," Stone-Manning wrote. "Now we are turning the weapon of overpopulation onto ourselves."...MORE

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American Loggers Council urges Senate to oppose Tracy Stone-Manning over tree-spiking


A logging organization representing timber-cutters in 30 states urged the Senate Monday to reject Bureau of Land Management nominee Tracy Stone-Manning, citing her involvement in a 1989 tree-spiking plot.

The American Loggers Council, described as the only national group solely dedicated to representing independent loggers and log truck contractors, said its board of directors recently voted unanimously to oppose her nomination.

“The American Loggers Council respects the prerogative of an administration to nominate and form their own Cabinet,” said the council’s memo to the Senate, which was shared with The Washington Times. “As such, we do not generally weigh in on the nominees or the confirmation process. However, the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning and the public information of her involvement in ecoterrorist tree spiking in the past is very disconcerting.”

The Minnesota-based council weighed in with Senate Democrats poised to approve President Biden’s nominee along party lines with no Republican votes over the three-decades-old tree-spiking case in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest.

“Her history of involvement in activities designed to oppose and interfere with healthy forest management practices on public lands casts doubt on her qualifications to effectively administer the responsibilities of the position she has been nominated for,” said the logging council.

...Even though her confirmation is all but assured, given that Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, voted for her in committee, Ms. Stone-Manning is expected to enter the agency weakened after being shredded by Republicans over her radical past.

Two former Obama administration officials also have expressed reservations about her fitness for the job: former BLM director Bob Abbey, who withdrew his support for her in June and former deputy director Steve Ellis.


Man pulls gun on bull that tried to enter stands at rodeo

 PRESTON, Idaho — A man was seen pointing a gun at a bull that was attempting to go into the stands at an Idaho rodeo last week.

A photo shows the man pulling the weapon on the bull at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo last Thursday.

According to The Herald Journal, the bull had just thrown its rider and took off towards the west side of the rodeo arena. Fans made way as the bull sat across the fence before a cable broke and sent the bull away from the stands...MORE

Tyson Foods will require its 120,000 U.S. workforce to get vaccinated

 Meatpacker Tyson Foods announced Tuesday that it will require its 120,000 U.S. employees to be vaccinated fully this year and will pay them a $200 bonus to do so.

The company said 56,000 U.S. employees have been vaccinated. Office workers face a deadline of Oct. 1 to be vaccinated fully, while plant employees have until Nov. 1.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that the seven-day average of new infections surpassed last summer’s peak, before the country had access to vaccines. U.S. Covid cases, based on a seven-day moving average, reached 72,790 on Friday, according to the agency’s data. The delta variant is fueling the surge in cases, especially in areas with low vaccination rates.

...Throughout the pandemic, many meat and poultry processing facilities have been forced to close temporarily after outbreaks of Covid-19 swept through their workforce. Conditions in the plants require employees to work closely together for hours at a time, making social distancing nearly impossible. Group housing and shared transportation to and from work also increase contact among workers...MORE

Bipartisan bill leaves out key climate, clean energy steps

 The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package unveiled by the Senate includes more than $150 billion to boost clean energy and promote “climate resilience” by making schools, ports and other structures better able to withstand extreme weather events such as storms and wildfires.

But the bill, headed for a Senate vote this week, falls far short of President Joe Biden’s pledge to transform the nation’s heavily fossil-fuel powered economy into a clean-burning one and stop climate-damaging emissions from U.S. power plants by 2035.

Notably, the deal omits mention of a Clean Electricity Standard, a key element of Biden’s climate plan that would require the electric grid to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydropower.

Nor does it include a Civilian Climate Corps, a Biden favorite and a nod to the Great Depression-era New Deal that would put millions of Americans to work on conservation projects, renewable energy and helping communities recover from climate disasters.

The White House says the bipartisan deal is just the first step, with a proposed $3.5 trillion, Democratic-only package following close behind. The larger bill, still being developed in Congress, will meet Biden’s promise to move the country toward carbon-free electricity, make America a global leader in electric vehicles and create millions of jobs in solar, wind and other clean-energy industries, supporters say.


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Common Sense


Common Sense


Ephesians 6:12

By Stephen L. Wilmeth


            In Ma Rice’s diary, she noted she was writing at 3:30 AM.

            So, it was 70 years later that I thought about that as I stumbled out the door to feed the horses. They talked to me in subdued nickers. They knew the drill. First eat and then wait and hour or so for the inevitable sounds of the tack room starting to come to life. Saddles had been drug through the door for four days in a row to be thrown as soon as the ride for the day was caught, led to the hitching pole, and groomed.

            With each succeeding dawn, the sounds of the process were becoming more subdued much akin to those early morning greetings.

            That part of the day would end with rechecking all the necessaries and getting everybody loaded. Four horses in the trailer would become eight when headquarters was reached. The drive to the Howard pens was a glimpse back in time as cowboys found a place to ride somewhere on the loaded rig.

            The rains had given blessed life to the grassy bottoms and hillsides, but the flies came with it. It would only be worse when the cattle that had been left in the trap overnight from the previous day’s drive were penned.

            By this day, the crew was getting pretty well oiled. Again, mostly kids, there wasn’t an ego or an exposed fit of disagreement or anger among them. Nobody needed to practice anything, either. Business was attended to, and calves were processed as quickly as possible and removed from the turmoil.

            Pepe roped. The kids were mesmerized watching his skill and that of the little blue roan he rode. Running the ground crew, Tim castrated, ear marked, and taught. The kids flanked, vaccinated, counted, and did the heavy lifting.

            The branding alone was left to the old man.

            The realization of the similarities of this rural replay of heritage with the life and times of that diary entry of 70 years ago was not lost. In the midst of the dust, smoke, and sounds of the branding pen, an epiphany emerged. It dealt with an obvious absence, an immense void, in the urban world. It can be explained by the concept of being rare, exotic, and, increasingly, obscure.

            That uncommon state, of course, is … common sense.


            The subject line could be nearly infinite, but why not deal this day with the latest crack the progressive mobsters of this world have our tails in?

            COVID is one acronym that we would certainly have been better off without. The place to start is down under where a whopping nine deaths from the Wuhan Lab has been verified since the beginning of this year. Now, if a person was unlucky enough to be one of those nine, the outcome is catastrophic, but calling out the military to enforce new preventive mandates in Sydney just doesn’t seem to be in balance for a country where 10.4 among 100,000 people a year commit suicide. Shouldn’t it be as important to protect a citizenry amounting to 2,637 suicide deaths per year to a trend line of 18 COVID deaths per year (especially when the politicos in charge may be rabid enough to shut down the entire economy)?

            The absence of common sense seems to only get worse when advice from some scientific corners was ignored (and denigrated) when the specter was raised that these experimental vaccines could well negate natural immune responses and relegate the faithful jabbees to ever increasing booster protection(s) and or even death. Well, low and behold, that now seems to be a growing and guttural truth. The hospitalizations of COVID in Israel is being reported to be populated by 84% fully vaccinated victims. Reporting from Massachusetts this weekend suggests their similar outcome is 74%.

            The White House refuses to divulge their number, but continues to ramp up the threat of vaccinations demand for the leery herd by presidential fiat.

            Then, there are the nagging metrics. Again, every death to the one dying is a catastrophe, but two sources are suggesting there have been 50,000 deaths from the vaccine outright without any consideration of future debilities. The CDC itself has arrayed a death chart and the numbers are glaring. Fully 99% of the unvaxxed population under 69 that contacted the virus have survived. The number was 94.6% of the oldsters who shared the unfortunate reality of declining health due to too many birthdays. The death rate of unvaccinated kids with the virus was so close to 0 that one would have to be able to understand the complexity of .003 %, or, better yet, listen closely to a cowboy in the branding pen who would suggest a more understandable assessment.

            Hell, that’s purteneer’ nuthin’, ain’t it?

            Ephesians 6:12

            There is a chasm brewing.

            When the death tallies stemming from heart attacks, cancer, and even suicides dwarf these numbers that are predicating the demolishment of both our economy and our social structure, something is dreadfully wrong. Everybody should be reaching the point of demanding WHY.

            Let that be a concluding remark, but there is something much more profound, and it deals with a reality too many of us would rather not have to admit or accept. It comes from Ephesians 6:12 and Pat graciously shared it with us this week.

            For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

            Those are not just idle words. They are profound. They are spiritual. They are from our Bible, and they are for us not just to read, but to understand.

            While that soaks in, … read the 13th verse for the only conclusion.


            Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “Wonder what the demand for protection might be if a vaccine for common sense was actually perfected?”

DuBois column: You Are About To Be Spiked


You are about to be spiked

Tracy Stone-Manning is President Biden’s nominee to be Director of the Bureau of Land Management and her nomination hearing was recently held before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. It didn’t seem like a big deal, as she was just one of four nominations to be considered by the Committee that day.

In her testimony, Stone-Manning spoke of her experience on the staff of the Governor of Montana and on the staff of Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana). She introduced her husband of many years and said both her parents had been military retirees and instilled in her the honor of being a public servant. All intended to leave the impression she was a family person from a patriotic family to boot.

Not having any of this was John Barrasso (R-Wyo) the Ranking Republican on the committee. He and the other Republicans were concerned about her voluntary work, while in college, for the radical, violence-prone group EarthFirst!  However, the two issues they are pressing in opposing her nomination are a) a suspicious loan from a political donor and b) her involvement in a threatening letter to authorities about tree spiking in a forest.

The loan was from developer Stuart Goldberg and was for $60,000 (some reports say it was for $100,00). It included an interest rate of 6 percent when the going rate at the time was 11 percent. It also occurred while she was an employee of Senator John Tester (D-Mont.). Eight years prior to the loan, while Stone-Manning was the executive director of the Clark Fort Coalition, she made what she called the “perhaps unprecedented” act of supporting a project of Goldberg’s company.   The Republicans accused Stone-Manning of violating the ethics rules of Senate. That rule requires reporting of any gift over $250 by any Senate staffer and a loan was considered a gift under the Senate rules.  

The tree spiking was a much more important politically. Stone-Manning testified she was approached by an Earth Firster and asked to mail the letter to the Forest Service. Stone-Manning said she rented a typewriter, edited and retyped the letter, and sent it to the Forest Service. The letter was threatening in nature, as it stated the Forest, “is home to the Elk, Deer, Mountain Lions, Birds and especially the Trees…You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt.” Stone-Manning said she only did the letter because she “didn’t want anybody to get hurt.”  She also testified that she had never been a “target” of the investigation.

Then up pops one Michael Merkley, an investigator in the tree spiking case. Merkley, a retired special  agent for the Forest Service, wrote a letter to the committee asserting Ms. Stone-Manning was “not an innocent bystander.” He wrote the investigation led his team to search the Missoula residence where Ms. Stone-Manning and other members of Earth First! had lived, and a grand jury served subpoenas “on persons suspected of having knowledge of the incident, including Ms. Tracy Stone-Manning.” Merkley reported that Ms. Stone-Manning throughout his investigation was “vulgar, antagonistic, and extremely anti-government” and refused to provide the hair, handwriting and fingerprint samples ordered by the grand jury until threatened with arrest. 

Senator Barrasso said, “BLM’s work is too important to be led by someone who covered up for ecoterrorists, lied to the Senate and supports extremist views most Americans find reprehensible. The Senate must reject this nomination.” Even Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went to the senate floor and stated the President should withdraw her nomination and all ten Republicans on the committee signed a letter to the President requesting the nomination be withdrawn.

All this was to no avail as the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has just voted 10 to 10, on a strict party line basis, to advance her nomination to the full senate. If she retains the support of all Democrat senators, and with the Vice-President available to break a tie vote, she will become the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management.

What do you think the outcome would have been if the nominee was a male, who while attending college had lived with members of a local militia group, and who had rented a typewriter, and edited and retyped a letter to the FBI threatening to booby trap a federal facility?

If confirmed by the senate, Stone-Manning will become the key person to implement President Biden’s policy to drastically curtail energy production on federal lands. She will also assume a leadership role in carrying out the President’s policy to set aside and permanently protect one-third of our land and waters.

This debate is not just about some tree spikes in an Idaho forest. This debate is about a spike aimed directly at the heart of the West.

Until next time, be a nuisance to the devil and don’t forget to check that cinch.

Frank DuBois was the NM Secretary of Agriculture from 1988 to 2003, is the author of a blog: The Westerner ( and is the founder of The DuBois Rodeo Scholarship and The DuBois Western Heritage Foundation

This column originally appeared in the August editions of the NM Stockman and the Livestock Market Digest.


91 wildfires are now burning across the US, with Oregon's Bootleg Fire growing to over 400,000 acres

Seven new large fires were reported Sunday, bringing the total number of wildfires raging in the United States to 91, according to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).

More than 1.8 million acres have burned since these fires began, the NIFC said. More than 22,300 wildland firefighters and incident management teams are involved in battling the blazes.

This year, 37,803 fires have burned more than 3 million acres across the United States, per NIFC. During the same period in 2020, 32,059 fires burned a total of 2.1 million acres.

 Idaho is the state with the biggest number of large fires, at 23. However, Oregon has the most acres burned: 554,587 among its 11 fires. The Bootleg Fire near the California border is alone responsible for burning 413,734 acres...MORE