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NM Hunting Guide, Client Wounded on Mexico border.

NOTE: At the request of the family, all photos have been removed from this post.

Hunting Guide, Client Wounded on Mexico border.
For release: 1/8/2017
Gila Livestock Growers Association
Laura Bryant

While guiding an aoudad hunt in Presidio county Texas, a New Mexico hunting guide was shot in the abdomen and seriously wounded Friday night after what appears to have been an attempt to kidnap his clients on the Mexico border.  

The guide remains in critical condition in a Texas Hospital.    His client was also shot in the arm and is expected to recover.  

Multiple assailants fired upon an RV parked near a hunting lodge where the party was staying for the hunt.  The contracted hunter and his wife were asleep in the in the RV when the attack began.  

Walker Daugherty, 26, of Chloride, NM was wounded while attempting to stop the assailants from taking the RV with his clients inside.  He was assisted by another guide, Michael Bryant; the men were staying inside the lodge with their wives.  
Per a family source, everyone was in bed preparing for an early hunt, the guides and cooks inside the house and the clients in the rental RV parked nearby.  Walker heard voices outside and went to see what the noises were, he witnessed men with guns attempting to take the RV, he then ran back inside to get help.  Walker and Michael armed themselves to defend and protect the client and to attempt to deter the assailants while the hunter attempted to escape in the RV which was being shot at repeatedly.  The vehicle is riddled with bullet holes from the attack and suffered other structural damage.  

The attack lasted long enough for Walker to run back to the house and get more ammunition, when he was close to the door his sister, saw him get shot and was able to drag him inside the house and away from the gunfire.  The women in the lodge were able to get a spotty cell signal and call 911. 

The family has been earning a living guiding and outfitting out of the remote ranch for years.   The business had experienced several thefts and had been working with the US Border Patrol to apprehend illegal aliens in the area in the past month.   The theft events and the attack occurred in the United States.  

The attack has the family concerned that the attack was not just an attempt to rob the property.    They believe the assailants intended to kill all the party.   The attackers were strategically placed around the lodge and the men were fired upon from different areas.   

The client’s wife, a nurse, was able to help keep Walker from bleeding to death while they waited several hours for a medivac helicopter to take him to El Paso.   It took local law enforcement over an hour to get to the remote scene.  The family says the men and their wives were grilled about the veracity of their account by Law Enforcement and the assailants got away and likely returned to Mexico.  Kidnapping, along with drug and human trafficking, has become common along the Mexico border especially if there are reasons to believe that an intended victim is a person of means.   The family, however, are self-employed outfitters earning a living as guides although the clients were likely the intended targets.    

Friends have set up a go fund me account to assist with medical expenses and the long recovery process that Walker is expected to endure.  He is uninsured.

Pensacola doctor attacked on Texas hunting trip   

A Pensacola doctor is recovering after he and another person were attacked while on a hunting trip in Texas.
The incident occurred while Edwin Roberts and several others were at the Circle Dug Ranch, which is 10 miles North West of Candelaria, Texas on Friday around 9:30 p.m.
Chief Deputy Joel Nunez said he responded to a call “of shots fired, multiple shooters and two individuals severely injured”.
Edwin Roberts, a chiropractor in Pensacola, was shot once in the arm according to his family. Reports indicate Walker Daughtry was in the abdomen.
Channel 3 News spoke to Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominquez. He would not elaborate on how the shooting happened or release any details on the case since it is still under investigation.
In a news release, Sheriff Dominquez did mention the attack was allegedly not linked to “cross border violence”.
Presidio Sheriff’s Department, the Texas Rangers and the Texas Department of Public Safety are investigating. The U.S. Border Patrol also responded to the scene.
Roberts, 54, was rushed to El Paso University Medical Center. He’s has undergone a second surgery.
Walker, 26, was flown via helicopter to El Paso for a gunshot to the abdomen.
According to a Go Fund Me account for Walker Daugherty, it states "they were involved in a shootout with some illegals, when the illegals tried to steal Walker's .. RV with them still inside" Ashely Boggs, Daugherty's girlfriend said.
The Circle Dug Ranch sits on 20,000 acres and is located in a mountainous area in Presidio County, Texas.
Edwin Roberts is a longtime business owner of Pensacola. He owns A Chiropractic Tradition, which is located on Mobile Highway.

NM hunting guide, client wounded in alleged border attack

By Lauren Villagran

A New Mexico hunting guide and his client have been hospitalized following a shooting in West Texas over the weekend that a family friend described as an attack by “illegal aliens.”
The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office appeared to question that version in a press release issued Monday, saying “there is no evidence to support allegations of ‘cross border violence.'”
Walker Daugherty, 26, of Chloride — a ranching community about three hours south of Albuquerque near the Gila National Forest — was guiding an exotic big game hunt in Presidio County, Texas, when his party was allegedly attacked by unknown assailants.
Multiple assailants fired on an RV, where hunter Edwin Roberts and his wife were sleeping. The hunting guides were staying in a lodge nearby.
Daugherty was shot in the abdomen when he tried to stop the assailants from taking the RV with his clients inside, according to a press release issued by the Gila Livestock Growers Association.
Roberts, 59, was shot in the arm. Both men were transported to an El Paso hospital.
Rancher and growers association president Laura Schneberger authored the statement, which is based on the Daugherty family’s account. In addition to their hunting guide business, the Daugherty family runs a ranch in New Mexico.
The Daugherty family could not be immediately reached by phone.
“The attack has the family concerned that the attack was not just an attempt to rob the property,” the growers association statement said. “They believe the assailants intended to kill all the party. The attackers were strategically placed around the lodge and the men were fired upon from different areas.”
The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday night from the Circle Dug Ranch near Candelaria, a two hour’s drive from the county seat of Marfa.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Joel Nunez responded to the scene.
“We are still investigating details of the shooting,” Sheriff Danny Dominguez said in a statement. “However there is no evidence to support allegations of ‘cross border violence’ as released by some media sources.”
Both men remain in the hospital and are being treated for their injuries, according to the sheriff’s statement.
The terrain of Presidio County, near Big Bend National Park, is rugged like New Mexico’s Bootheel, notoriously difficult to patrol for both local law enforcement and Border Patrol.
The group was hunting aoudad, a type of big-horned North African sheep that were introduced to West Texas. The ranch where they were hunting is right on the Mexican border.
GoFundMe website account set up to provide financial support to Daugherty had raised nearly $17,000 by 185 donors in one day. He is undergoing surgery today and does not have medical insurance, according to the site.


Sheriff denies “cross border violence” in Candelaria shooting


...A press release appeared Sunday purporting to detail the incident from the perspective of those on the ranch. The shooting started after what appeared to be an attempted theft of a recreational vehicle (RV) parked near the hunting lodge and potentially an attempt at kidnapping or killing the hunters sleeping in the vehicle, according to the press release. In this telling, Daugherty was wounded while attempting to stop assailants from shooting at and stealing the RV and the “assailants got away and likely returned to Mexico.”
The press release has been shared around social media and several blogs, including where the incident is described as a “border ambush.” Another blog claims the attack was launched by “Mexican kidnappers.”
The story is similar to what the 911 caller told dispatch and what witnesses told law enforcement during preliminary interviews, Deputy Nuñez said.
But according to the investigation by the sheriff’s office and Border Patrol, there is no evidence to support the account.
“We’re still investigating and waiting for ballistics results from [Texas Department of Public Safety] lab in El Paso,” Nuñez said. “Right now, there is no evidence to suggest there was any ‘cross-border violence’ situation there.”
The sheriff’s office was supported in their investigation by about 30 U.S. Border Patrol agents from Air and Marine units from El Paso and agents with human and drug detecting dogs.
“[Border Patrol has] expert trackers who say there were no signs at the time of any individuals on the ranch other than those staying there,” Nuñez said....


Exclusive: Gunmen targeted family's RV before shootout

by Jasmine Anderson

Several men armed with guns tried stealing 59-year-old Edwin Roberts' RV before ambushing the people inside, Roberts' family claims.
The Pensacola chiropractor and his wife were having a relaxing dinner after a day of hunting at the Circle Dug Ranch when they heard a noise a the door.
"My mom’s dog starts barking. There’s someone trying to get into the RV. My dad gets his weapon, identifies he has a weapon and tells whoever it is to leave. They say in English, 'we got weapons and we want your RV'," his son, Edwin Roberts II, said.
Two men with pistols were trying shoot their way inside.
Roberts went for the wheel - he honked the horn and alerted the camp - and got shot in the process. He was able to turn the RV on and drive it towards the camp house.
Two hunting guides heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. They ran back inside to grab their shotguns when they saw multiple people attacking the RV.
"Then he came back out, the RV was moving now and he thought they gotten in there and had either took my parents hostage or hurting them, so he tried to shoot the RV tires out with a buck shot which he did to stop the RV," Roberts II explained.
Walker Daugherty, 26, was shot in abdomen.
"All of a sudden, Walker is down. He gets hit from where the RV was. From a different direction, in the stomach, so he’s’ out cold," Roberts II said.
Roberts' wife put a tourniquet on her husband and applied pressure on Daugherty's wound, too. With the suspects gone an immediate call for help was out of the question - they didn't have reception.
"It takes several hours to get out there, and from what I understand, the military sent a helicopter. They life-flighted Mr. walker to El Paso and they took my dad to the city of Presidio and put him on a plane and took him to El Paso," Roberts II said.
Both men had surgery that night. Roberts had been shot three times, had some broken bones and lots of soft tissue damage.
Roberts' family says he has been discharged from the hospital and will fly into Pensacola Tuesday night.


 Investigators believe Presidio County ranch shooting was friendly fire, not border violence

A shocking development in a story CBS 7 first broke over the weekend.
Two hunters who were shot in a remote ranch along the Mexican-border in Presidio County claimed illegal immigrants ambushed them Friday night.
But it turns out investigators believe this was just a case of friendly fire among each other.
Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez has been saying all along that there was no indication of cross border violence here.
He tells us the investigation shows that Walker Daughetry shot Edwin Roberts and another hunting guide in their group, Michael Bryant, shot Walker.
...Here’s how investigators believe the shooting happened: Walker thought illegals were inside the RV that Edwin and his wife were in, in an attempt to kidnap them.
Instead of announcing himself, Walker allegedly tried opening the RV.
That’s when Edwin fired off a round from inside the RV missing Walker.
Walker immediately ran inside his cabin to grab his gun and to get backup from Michael.
With rumors of border violence spilling over from Mexico to the United States, Sheriff Dominguez believes this may have caused the hunters to be paranoid...
In the mean time, a ballistic test will be conducted to determine which guns the bullets came from. 
...CBS 7 was able to speak with Walker’s fiancé over the phone who was at the ranch that night of the shooting.
She says she cannot comment on the case until it is completed, but did want to mention that they’ve experienced multiple encounters with illegals last month, and claims to have had hundreds of dollars worth of supplies stolen by them at the ranch.


Update 2
Posted by Kayla Criner
8 mins ago
We have amazing news! Walker is improving. He is now able to walk around. I will continue to delete any negative comments made on here! If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all! The SIX people who were involved know what they saw. I will continue to only believe the people who I know as well as their integrity and honesty, as opposed to the "authorities" who may have skewed or unseen agendas. I will continue to pray for those who have it in their hearts to assume that this is a "SCAM" as so many have stated, as well as the six people who were involved and traumatized by this event. Thank you from the bottom of everyone's hearts, friends and family, for those that have shown nothing but love and support for the six of them as they have to face not only backlash from their own community, but from all LEO's claiming that this did not happen. PRAISE GOD that none of them were killed.


  1. The idea of the attackers being "Mexican border bandits" is at this time non substantiated by official law enforcement sources and thus highly speculative. Such insinuations are potentially dangerous without official confirmation. Best not to assert as fact in what could later turn out to be be rumor.

    1. Where does the article state that as a fact? The facts stated are that the family has been working with Border Patrol and that "Kidnapping, along with drug and human trafficking, has become common along the Mexico border especially if there are reasons to believe that an intended victim is a person of means." The info about escaping back to MX is the info the family shared as their take on what happened. Where do YOU think they went? Flew off in a UFO?

    2. Sure, Doc. We can trust "official" statements. You can bet the U.S. government will spin it against white people every time.

    3. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Found the political correct dick breath. I'm willing to wager they were members of the Cartel

    4. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Cartel. Guaranteed.

    5. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Of course Doc, they must have been US citizens attacking from Chicago. They wanted to stop the slaughter of innocent animals. Right? Could possibly be Mexican cartel members or border crossing outlaws could it?

    6. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Have you been smoking too much of your dope, again?
      Evidently so, since in your fantasy world, you advocate that instead of Mexican culprits, it might have been Bill and Hillary taking out their frustration with the real world over the failure of their world domination plan to take over the USA and turn it into some socialistic/commie demonic hybrid to enslave all freedom loving Americans who think for themselves.
      And your other scenario of out of control Chicago teenie gangbangers on vacation at the Mexican border who start shooting up folks for kicks as they do in Chicago is equally ignorant.
      Doc, try to be sophisticated and not a Liberal fool-tool. You only need to ask the basic question they taught us at the FBI Academy when initiating any criminal investigation, "who has motive?" The only ones on the short list are Mexican criminals.

    7. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Story confirmation :

    8. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Well, apparently, the Trump Administration agrees that this was a case of friendly fire...I guess, this is fake news and you can't trust the Trump Administration

    9. Anonymous7:01 PM

      It turns out they shot each other and have been arrested. I wonder where they learned to use racism to lie about boneheaded self-inflicted violence and then try to get welfare from other people to pay for their mistakes? We may never know.

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Bandits. Check
    Border. Check
    Near Mexico. Check
    Right. They were tourists from China.

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    If it quacks like a duck...

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    It was on the Mexican Border and they attempted to take the RV with the occupants inside. I believe that is the definition of a Mexican Border Bandit.

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I was a state law enforcement officer stationed in Presidio County for 3 years. I worked closely with both federal and local agencies. Narcotics and human smuggling occur almost daily in that area. I am familiar with the area where this occurred and know that there are parts of the river there where you can walk across and only get your feet wet. There are smuggling trails everywhere, most of them crossing private property to avoid detection.

    To any naysayers out there let me be clear, these sort of incidents occur more frequently than you can imagine. If you are waiting for official law enforcement confirmation then you may have a long wait. The Feds either can't or won't talk about it. Their hands are tied. I personally did not trust the local officers. Too many of them have family on both sides of the river. I am not saying that they are corrupt, but it is possible. The previous Sheriff of that county is in federal prison for smuggling drugs.

    From what I can gather from the few news articles, the Sheriff department has already cast doubt on the victims story. This is the same agency that "investigated" the suspicious death of Justice Antonin Scalia. It may have been an RV theft gone bad or a kidnapping attempt. An RV can transport a lot of drugs. Drug smugglers are dangerous. Frustrated smugglers are extremely dangerous.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks happened, two men were shot and are in the hospital. Our first concern should be that they will fully recover. If you want to do something, pray for them.

    And for the record, the terrain in this area is too rugged to build a wall. The only solution there is more armed men.

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Very well said!

    2. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Thank you!

    3. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Thank you! and thank you for your service in that area of the country.

    4. Anonymous1:33 PM

      there are alot of american misfits down there. and crackheads in that town.. could have been one of those crazy locals that caught wind of the RV parked along the road.. still doesn't state who ranch they were on.. I'd like to know as I ride that area a few times a year..

    5. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Are you saying that it's common for American citizens to be abducted on American soil and then taken to Mexico and held for ransom? I've never heard of such and incident.

      The idea that it was an attempt by Mexicans to steal the RV also doesn't compute. How would they get it across the border?

    6. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Hey was planning in going hiking in Big Bend National Park this weekend now with this incident I'm hesitant.. should I be worried?

  6. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Thankful for the learned voice of Texas LEA. Very prayerful for the two guides. Does remind me of ambushes, and glad this one failed. Changes need to take place.

  7. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Why is this not mentioned anywhere else or given any bit of info to verify? Why not list the hospital so people could send flowers? 1 day later there was a gofundme account setup. People need to make sure this isn't a scam mean to appeal to those wishing to defend our liberty.

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      It is not a scam. I know the person who set up the go fund me account for Walker. As I know his fiancee as well. Shame on you for even THINKING it is a scam. ��

    2. Double shame!! Why don't you post your address so Walker's medical bills can be forwarded to you!
      I am extremely proud of my nephew and the others for putting their lives in danger to protect others! Yes, family and friends do read these posts!!!!

  8. Anyone heard how the Jack Yantis case got resolved. Having deputies show up at your place can be even more dangerous.

  9. Anonymous5:13 AM

    The US/Mexico border is 1951 miles long and US Border patrol employs over 20,000+. If we guarded the border on the border with that manpower this problem would stop. Walker and Mike wouldn't of got shot because a formidable BP presence would have been there.
    With 130 BP stations 15 to 20 miles apart, three 8 hour shifts of 50 BP officers combined with electronic surveliance, aircraft, and a decent border road.
    Also a lot less opportunity for corruption this way. Existing fences would suffice.
    Guarding the border up to 100 miles north of it is a waste of man power. We just acquiesce 100 miles width of our land, give up on it to a large degree.
    The system we have now is a failure, and they keep telling us the opposite. But notice that is SOP on all issues these days, say the opposite till it becomes fact.
    , Bill Weddle

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      I have 9 miles of river on the ranch I run and there is NEVER Border patrol out here at night

    2. Anonymous7:16 AM

      You, sir, are correct. For anyone who has actually spent time along the Texas-Mexico border between, say, Roma and El Paso, the concept of a "wall" is laughable as a deterrent to smuggling, drug running, and/or criminals in general. Having BP agents so scattered out, very few workable roads, little access to helicopters/aircraft, a "wall or fence" won't keep anyone out. A pair of bolt cutters, a portable torch, a stick of dynamite, and they are through and long gone. If the commitment to stop criminals is really there, commit the manpower and resources, including every relevant kind of electronic surveillance, aircraft, and proper vehicles on decent roads. And you can't do all this in just one area: the "border surge" in The Valley may be helping some down there, although mostly it is dealing with central Americans fleeing violence, but how about right up the river, around Laredo? Ask the ranchers in the south Texas Brush Country what has happened there. Yep, the drug runners, smugglers, and bandits just moved north of the Valley and kept it going.
      The vast majority of people entering illegally are just looking for a better life, as they have for generations, but the fact that drug cartels are now more powerful than the Mexican government, and have little fear of American law enforcement (better armed, better intelligence with more moles) should give you pause. They have established footholds in every major Texas city, control more and more of the drug trade in Texas, and have acquired businesses for money laundering. Personally, I consider their actions to be an act of war, but they consider themselves businessmen, providing supply for the demand.
      It's gonna take more than a fence.

    3. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Supply and demand. US citizens demand they have their illegal drugs ( and please don't say it is not true) and the Mexican drug cartels provide it. Need to work on those drug users first. You would think that with states legalizing marijuana this would have diminished. But FYI-marijuana is now a substandard drug for drug users. Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines are now the drug of choice.

    4. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Supply and demand. US citizens demand they have their illegal drugs ( and please don't say it is not true) and the Mexican drug cartels provide it. Need to work on those drug users first. You would think that with states legalizing marijuana this would have diminished. But FYI-marijuana is now a substandard drug for drug users. Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines are now the drug of choice.

  10. Anonymous5:37 AM

    If you think things like this won't get worse, make sure Trump keeps asking for Mexicans to pay for the wall. No one likes to be told time and again they are fools if they don't "pay for it". Right now it would appear Congress is gonna "build that wall" and pay for it by American taxpayers. It's a new world folks. I'm so sorry this happened, but please don't be surprised if this becomes more commonplace. Trump is all about Trump and he believes, unbelievably that he has more power than future leader of the US, not the rest of the world. Luckily this is the US/Mexican border and not a common border with Russia.

  11. Anonymous6:35 AM

    All the eyewitnesses accounts point to Mexican drug cartels criminals from across the border, of course that's what it is!! This s*** is gonna stop when we get a real President back in charge of this country in about 2 weeks!!

    1. Interesting though that no one found shells other than those of the hunting party. When it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it's a duck. The guides were paranoid and acted without facts.

  12. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I hope your right we need some action against this crap and the corruption needs to be wiped out

  13. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I don't believe it would be the BLM folks, it's not their MO..

    Border bandits would be my educated guess, too bad the guides were not better prepared for night time revolutions and waste a couple of them thugs!!

  14. One of these “Anonymous” characters needs to check in for serious therapy or apply for the job as executive director for the DNC. At least one of these “anonymous” folks is running amuck, without adult supervision?

  15. Anonymous8:10 AM

    He's "uninsured"??? Really?? How lucrative is his business if he can't/won't afford health (gunshot to the gut) insurance? Depending on how successful the "Go FundMe" campaign is, us taxpayers are "funding" his "healthcare". Glad he survived.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Really? I want to know what insurance you have that pays 100% of your medical costs.

    2. In case it's not known, they don't just sent a helicopter for free. Most places it's a $15,000 ride for Baltimore to Annapolis. I can't even imagine what a several hours long flight would be. And knowing from experience that insurance doesn't cover all of anything... That would put anyone in a financial hole, unless you're a Clinton or Sanders, of course...

  16. People the go fund me is not a joke. Unlike some idiots that want to run there mouth about his business not being very lucrative. He is a personal friend of mine and the type of person that would give you the shirt off his back. So my friend you can shut your very uneducated mouth. I find it unbelievable the nerve that some people have. I pray you and your family never have to experience anything like this. Have some respect and stop making this out like you are personally affect when you are not.

  17. Anonymous9:34 AM

    His business is probably very lucrative, but on a cash basis. So he probably cheats on his taxes. People with low income are not penalized for not having insurance.

    1. Is that what you do? Maybe you should know these people before you make assumptions about them! your ignorance see showing!!!

  18. Anonymous9:43 AM

    A lot of people don't know what it is like to work for a living, and have no idea what it is like in rural areas. Rural New Mexico is a fairly economically depressed place, a lot of places in NM still don't have access to electricity or phone lines, and probably never will, it is too remote. People do what work they can get to provide food and shelter for their families. Health insurance does not feed your family, so it is not a priority for lower income families. Having grown up in "the struggle" I understand perfectly well why he does not have insurance, regardless of Obama's health ins mandate. Some need to grow up and learn to quit judging others, especially on matters you don't even begin to comprehend. You people wouldn't think twice about sending money to some starving African kids, how about helping someone at home out once in a while?

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Where they're from Sierra county the poorest county in NM. With about 10,000 pop. It's like paying tribute of $10 each from every baby to senior citizen to the manager that runs it for his salary.

  19. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I use to live in NM was raised there. I know how it is an I'm sure it's just gotten worse in the past few years. Prayers for the families of all involved. I also wanna pray for those who have such heartless comments an who are puttin down those in need an fightin for their life. Y'all need sum serious God time an need a searious wake up call. If it was y'all in this situation y'all would be askin for prayers an moral support just like the families here are. An y'all sure as hell wouldn't appreciate it if others talked bout ya an ya families like y'all are talkin bout theirs. Have sum respect an sum compassion. That's what this world needs back the most lovin, carin, unselfish people. That's why this world is like it is people became selfish, greedy, an just lookin out for what they think is number 1. Grow Up an get back to the roots of why where here. "An the greatest is Love". Love everyone help everyone every chance we get without expectin anythang in return, just cause it's the right thang to do.

  20. Anonymous11:11 AM

    The person denigrating the injured guide is most likely a libtard. Totally lacking in compassion. Pray that he recovers and that the US gets a handle on the southern border.

  21. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I would echo the thoughts of the former law enforcement officer that posted. I am a former law enforcement officer that spent a lot of off-duty time in that area for recreation. It is no picnic out there. You are on your own. I traveled with a small crowd of other officers and would not take people out there who I did not believe were fully capable of handling themselves in any situation. You take a lot of water and a Lotta ammo when you go there. From Presidio all the way up past Candelaria and the dirt road that takes you to Highway 90, people cross on footbridges with impunity. The border patrol in that area is nonexistent. I am not throwing rocks at them, they are simply smart enough to wait at the passes in the mountain where the smugglers must come out. Local law enforcement does not have the resources to patrol that area, where there is very little population to protect. A one hour response time? That is pretty damn quick for out there. I have no trouble believing the story at all. That area is still the wild West.

  22. Anonymous12:30 PM

    We have a home 1 mile from the Mexican border in Presidio County and to date we have never had any issue with border safety. I am an educator, a proud mother of an American soldier, an aunt to Border Patrol Agent and a proud American I state this to ask that we please be respectful of all people involved and do not jump to any conclusions until a complete investigation has been made.

  23. BUILT A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. This post has been updated to contain two articles about the incident.

  25. Walker is my nephew. I can damn well say this is no scam. Walker and his family are very religious people.

    1. I am Michael's aunt and it angers me that people make assumptions about people they don't even know! Unfortunately there will always be people who take pleasure in another's heartache.

  26. Anonymous10:58 PM

    This is why I have a Thermal scope. At least they shot back, hopefully one of the bastards got shot!

  27. Anonymous8:59 AM

    "WTF said...
    BUILT A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Built? or Build?

    Build a wall, and they will dig tunnels!

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      If BP were posted on the border, like suggested above,tunneling wouldn't be sucessful anymore. They would all be detecyed by GPR on routine shoft patrols.

  28. This post has been updated again, this time with a WEARTV interview with Dr. Roberts' son.

  29. Gene K9:59 AM

    I've known Walker's father for 40 years, long before he was even born. We worked together for many years. I watched Walker's dad get married and raise a family. When Walker came along I got to know him too. These are GOOD people who are just trying to make a living and do right by their Lord. They're not crazy, criminal, or whatever.

    I understand that 'official law enforcement sources' have to play their own cards close until their 'official' word can be disseminated. That said, I have no illusions as to the influence of politics and bureaucrats and worry how this incident could get swept under the proverbial rug.

    It should be abundantly clear by now, as per various and verifiable news reports, that this was a very real incident. Knowing the people involved I am not the least bit in doubt of their version of actual events.

    Walker's mom posted this on Facebook:
    "His attempt at getting insurance was a fiasco under Obamacare and he ended up with no healthcare insurance."

    I have no idea the details of why that came to be but it doesn't matter. Walker is going to need help and I for one will give what I can.

  30. Anonymous11:19 AM

    That is very kind of you, Gene, given that Walker apparently started the shooting and was put down by the other guide.

  31. Anonymous2:06 PM

  32. Thanks. I had already updated the post with the CBS7 story linked to above.

  33. From Etta Pettijohn in reference to the shooting case in Texas involving our neighbors and friends. After the Sheriff told the world it was a confused paranoid self inflicted shooting. "I called the SD and requested a police/incident report. If I am not mistaken they have to file something. Maybe (law enforcement friend) can explain. Anyway, the dispatcher (phone answer at non Emergency number) said they have no report, because the investigation is ongoing. Then she hung up on me. An official FOIA request has been requested."
    No report but fine and dandy smearing the reputation of every person involved. And this is what's wrong with law enforcement today. Nobody has denied that the situation was confused, they have all clearly stated it happened fast and because there were threats and shots going on.
    There are documented reports filed with Border Patrol from the guides involved in the weeks past reporting thefts and traffickers, there have been arrests as well and property returned.
    The guides and clients were all over the ranch as well as those who didn't belong there, but still the sheriff is stating there is no sign.
    We will never know where the bullet in Walker came from for sure, that is now clear, it is never going to be able to come out. Once that became apparent the local law issued that reprehensible statement, although it was clearly still premature.

  34. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Anyone that doubts the problems on the Mexican border also thinks that our national deb is not a big deal. Unless you want your children paying their 60% income taxes in Pesos, or Rubles, or whatever, you need to understand that this country has to change directions. Maybe Trumps isn't the answer, but the current direction is for damn sure not!

    We have created an environment where law enforcement can not be trusted to tell the truth to the people they are responsible too. NOT GOOD.


  35. Update 2
    Posted by Kayla Criner

    We have amazing news! Walker is improving. He is now able to walk around. I will continue to delete any negative comments made on here! If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all! The SIX people who were involved know what they saw. I will continue to only believe the people who I know as well as their integrity and honesty, as opposed to the "authorities" who may have skewed or unseen agendas. I will continue to pray for those who have it in their hearts to assume that this is a "SCAM" as so many have stated, as well as the six people who were involved and traumatized by this event. Thank you from the bottom of everyone's hearts, friends and family, for those that have shown nothing but love and support for the six of them as they have to face not only backlash from their own community, but from all LEO's claiming that this did not happen. PRAISE GOD that none of them were killed.

  36. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I know many things about the Circle Dug, as I've been there many times. One, being that the ranch hands all live across the border and freely walk across to come work there. It's quite easy, I've done it. I also have seen several attempts at drug runners running across the property, many were caught. I also know the tech in the area to know who is moving is pretty good! With all that said, I don't see how local law enforcement can outright say it's not possible that people went unnoticed in the area. "No trace"? Many, MANY!.. have come through that camp and used water spouts and taken food on their way through the property. I'm not saying it was a mixup with some tequila and a paranoid posse, but I'm definitely saying there is a high likelihood that what these hunters are saying, is true.

  37. The Daugherty Family has issued a statement. See:

  38. Update: there are still no reports of any kind being made available.

  39. I can vouch for the entire party, this group are teetotalers there was no alcohol involved whatsoever with the outfitter guide party.

  40. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I ranch that area and yes this place is a hot spot and is indeed a wild west version. I myself have been in this kind of situations people coming from across the border on a good moonlight and taking cattle. They have taken horses had my place broken into was shot at years back. The reports are there but to law enforcement there is never enough evidence.

  41. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Not border violence. Arrest warrants for the guides. See story in link

  42. Rather than more updates, I have a new post on the issue:

  43. Anonymous2:30 PM

    He's uninsured, he lied about the incident, he blamed it on border crossers, and he shot his client. Oh, and he bilked folks out of their money with his go fund me page. In what f*cking way is a "good" guy? He's the problem.

  44. Anonymous12:00 PM

    The herd thins itself. Even faster when those who nominate themselves for the Darwin Award are armed. I wonder if their hunting dogs are about to go on strike.



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  49. Client Wounded on the Mexican Border
    News recently have come out that a New Mexico hunting guide, Walker Dougherty, 26, has been wounded while attempting to stop assailants who were trying to get away with his RV that still had his clients inside. Dougherty remains in critical condition in a Texas hospital, his wounded client, who took a shot to the arm came out with less damage to himself. Dougherty and his partner guide, Michael Bryant, were staying at a lodge, and preparing for an early morning hunt with their clients when the incident happened. His clients had gone ahead to the RV, and he heard some loud voices and shouting outside, and ran out armed in defense, only to be immediately on the defense when a gun fire happened. He then tried to rush back inside to get more ammunition when he got shot near the entrance of the lodge. Suspicions are arising that the assailants who were able to get away were planning to rob the lodge.

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    It's interesting that the DA of Presidio county has recused herself from the case against the two guides. Seems there is some "conflict of interest" ...a little excessive bias? The sheriffs dept....a little excessive bias? The facts came out that ballistics experts have looked at the bullet evidence left inside of one of the guides lung...yes, his lung...and the bullet didn't come from any gun that any of the guides or clients had with them in camp! Read the comments in the Big Bend News..the Sentinel. Of course the sheriff is going to protect his "crime less" county. He receives millions of dollars from the federal government for having a county free of some research on this... money which the deputy sheriff has been found guilty of stealing! What about the deputy being involved in a slave style issue where they used students from Mexico to be slaves cleaning the house of someone a part of the Presidio school can be googled. The sheriff returning someone's gun..illegally...yes, google that's on YouTube. Surely if any of you who think you are judge and jury and have already decided who is guilty and who needs to rot in hell can see that much of what you read is fake news and you are as duped and as stupid as the rest of the country. Their family statement doesn't say anything about illegals....someone else said that and you all ran with it like idiots. You should all be ashamed.. This isn't how we are supposed to treat our fellow citizens...especially someone who had to fight for his life..who didn't start the damned GoFundMe page or have anything to do with it whatsoever! He was in the hospital in ICU! He is just a kid and is a happy-go-lucky kid that will have to deal with issues related to being shot for the rest of his life...the paltry amount raised by the GoFundMe will have to help him deal with those medical, etc for what little it will do.
    Before you judge the issue..I would suggest you know more of the details before you open your flapping mouth and reveal just how stupid you really are!

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