Saturday, October 04, 2003

Militants say they planted Shaklee bomb
Animal activists attacking clients of research firm

A militant animal rights group that claimed it bombed an Emeryville biotechnology firm in August is taking responsibility for Friday's explosion at Shaklee Inc.'s offices in Pleasanton -- warning that next time the bombs will be bigger and more damaging. In an anonymous e-mail sent to fellow activists across the country early Tuesday morning, Revolutionary Cells described the explosive used at Shaklee, a company that sells health, beauty and household products, as a 10-pound ammonium nitrate bomb "strapped with nails."
The same group has taken responsibility for attacking Chiron's office building on Aug. 28 with two pipe bombs filled "with ammonium nitrate slurry with redundant timers." Revolutionary Cells said it is trying to put Huntingdon Life Sciences, a New Jersey research firm that experiments on animals, out of business by harassing its clients. Chiron, and Shaklee's parent company, Yamanouchi Consumer Inc., have both subcontracted with Huntingdon to have medicines tested on animals.
"All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets," the group wrote...

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