Saturday, March 20, 2004


Press Release


349 words

Sherry Farr – Laney


It has come to my attention that various USFS personnel are making claims of harassment against people who may be supporting us in our battle with the USFS over the legality of the impoundment of our cattle.

Neither Kit nor I will ever condone any threats or intimidating tactics made in our name. Anyone who is capable of committing such atrocities is likely only trying to make us look bad and make an already bad situation much worse. These people should see the inside of a courtroom.

People who believe in us, and believe in Kit, will keep their protests and attitudes peaceful. Anyone who refuses to do so is not acting in our behalf and is not concerned with our well being. We believe anyone committing crimes in this manner would have done so regardless of our situation and should be punished accordingly.

Kit remains in jail on allegations that he committed a serious crime, a crime that our legitimate supporters and friends do not believe he is capable of committing. Kit told me his story and there is no reason for me to believe the allegations made against him. To behave as Kit is said to have done would have required almost superhuman strength. In my mind, the story the USFS witnesses are telling is simply not humanly possible.

We are not in any way condoning the USFS actions as they continue to gather and inflict damage to our cattle. Nor do we appreciate the agency’s false portrayal of Kit as having the potential to be violent. This continual defamation of Kit’s character, even after the claims were proven false was used to inflame the Law Enforcement officers involved in the impoundment and directly contributed to Kit’s violent arrest and the charges against him. We feel confident that Kit will be exonerated of these charges. We feel confident that he will be freed from jail as soon as he finally receives a full arraignment hearing. He is doing well and in as high spirits as can be expected.

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