Monday, March 14, 2005


What a final round.

Guy Allen did not have a good weekend, but on his final run he tripped his steer in 9.5 seconds which tied his own arena record.

After 24 runs, there was only one-tenth of a second difference between Trevor Brazile and Kyle Locket. Trevor's total was 288.5 and Kyle's was 288.6. It came down to the final event and the final two runs to see who won the $50,000 and was crowned champion. The final event is steer roping, and Kyle Lockett tripped his steer in 16.6 seconds. If Trevor was 16.6 or better, he would be champion again, and he had drawn a good steer. He roped and tripped his steer to make that time, but after he dismounted and started toward the steer...the steer got up. That was it, Kyle Lockett is the champion.

The top four and their times were 1) Kyle Lockett, 305.2 2) Trevor Brazile, 335.3 3) Chance Kelton, 352.2 and 4) Luke Branquinho, 375.4.

Glad to be home and the regular version of The Westerner will appear tomorrow. I'll find out Tuesday if GB got all his paperwork done.

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