Sunday, December 18, 2005


Some of you new readers may be wondering "what the heck is this FLE stuff". I came to this weblog to read about grazing, wilderness, property rights and other natural resource issues.

You can read my original explanation for starting this section here. Basically, the activities of the Forest Service LEOs and the actions of the US Attorney in the Kit Laney case were so outrageous that it caused me to take another look at the entire law enforcement apparatus and the impact it could and is having on westerners. That was the original rationale, and since any new expansion or limitation on Federal authority would also impact the natural resource policing agencies, I covered all the law enforcement/judiciary issues.

The other interesting aspect to note is the issue of sovereignty. Since the Feds own one out of every three acres in the United States, and along with state and local government control so many of our resources, the issue of who is sovereign is important to all of us. Who will manage our resources? Individuals, local government, state government, land trusts, the Feds or some combination. Read carefully many of the postings on law enforcement and you will see the issue of sovereignty and separation of powers as paramount in the event. Look at who is arresting who for what. Look at the Kelo decision and the recent Daniel Martinez issues and you will see what I mean.

In addition, those of us who use the computer and the internet to inform each other and discuss those issues of importance to us, must keep a wary eye on any limitation/regulation/monitoring of our free speech activities.

The last two weeks have brought a deluge of news articles on these items and so I thought an explanation was in order for my newer readers.

I would welcome any comments you may have about my coverage of these events.

Frank DuBois

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Mike D. said...

Frank, I commend you on your coverage of excess and misguided FLE. You are absolutely correct in pinpointing the source of our loss of basic freedoms and rights: centralized, authoritarian, government ownership of the land. Out West the Feds own more than 2/3rd's of the acres. Residents here are treated like colonial slaves. The land is being destroyed by the agencies created to protect it, and western rural economies are in the tank. There is far too much needless suffering going on. I salute you for speaking out against it.