Sunday, April 16, 2006

Boy Attacked by Mountain Lion in Colorado

A 7-year-old boy hiking with his family was attacked Saturday by a mountain lion. The cat was later killed by a wildlife officer. The mountain lion bit the boy's head or jaw, and the child also suffered puncture wounds or scrapes on his legs, likely from the animal's claws, Division of Wildlife spokesman Tyler Baskfield said. The boy, whose name was not released, was apparently the last in a single-file line of seven other people taking a short hike at a scenic area of Flagstaff Mountain, Baskfield said. ''The father turned and saw the cat had a hold of the young boy,'' he said. The group began screaming at the cat and throwing rocks and was able to free the boy, he said. The group was 50 yards from a parking lot when the cat attacked, Baskfield said. The boy was initially listed in stable condition at Boulder Community Hospital. He was later transferred to The Children's Hospital in Denver, Baskfield said, but he did not know the boy's condition. An officer fatally shot the cat early Sunday in the same area of the attack, Baskfield said....

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