Monday, October 23, 2006

Wolf #806 on mainstreet, Luna N.M.

From: Jess Carey

Hi all, I responded to a complaint of a wolf sighting (at 0910) in the center of Luna today. I took statements from two of the eye witnesses, there were five people who saw it and probably more that drove by. Wolf #806 showed up on the north side of US 180, just east of the gas station, it then walked across the road south in between the houses, then went southeast towards the bridge by Phil Swapps house, then it turned back traveling south of US 180 below all the houses, then crossed US180 again and went up over the mountain. I went with USFWS John Oakleaf to track and locate the wolf, it went into Dillman reek..northwest of Luna. A hunter on Dillman creek saw the wolf. There was a wolf pup, about six months old (about 30 pounds) with wolf #806, but now it appears it is no longer with #806, its location is unknown. When I arrived, I talked to one of the USFWS volunteers, she told me she had been monitoring wolf #806, also someone else monitored this wolf a day or so before just north of Luna. One of the locale people in Luna told me "If the USFWS knew this wolf was in Luna, around the homes, why didn't they tell the residents, why did they fail to warn us". Also who could we complain to. I told them, I don't know why they did not let people know and for them to contact our congressional representatives, they are the only ones that can do anything about these problems. The USFWS will be monitoring the location of wolf #806 to try to keep it out of Luna by hazing. Wolf #806 is part of the Meridian pack that was released in Arizona. The Meridian female was shot by a bow hunter in Arizona, one of the pups died also, it is suspect that the second Meridian pup (that was with #806) is also deceased. All you Luna folks please call your neighbors and let them know #806 is in the Luna Area, watch your children, keep your pets up and watch your cattle and farm animals.

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