Monday, January 26, 2009

Change Agenda for Animals

This is another item brought to us by the Humane Society of the United States and their legislative fund. According to the article, HSUS wants ear of new administration, this organization has issued a report with 100 recommendations.

Among those recommendations are the creation of an Animal Protection Liaison in the White House and an appointment of a new Assistant U.S. Attorney to head a new Animal Protection Division in the Justice Department.

From the article:

The proposed 100-point "Change Agenda for Animals" lists changes at several federal agencies, including 18 at USDA, 20 at Department of the Interior, 5 at EPA, 4 at Department of Justice, 6 at Commerce, 1 at HUD, 1 at FTC, 10 at State Department, 1 at USAID, 7 at USTR, 4 at HHS/NIH, 8 at HHS/FDA/CDC, 7 at DOD, 2 at Transportation, 1 each at Education and Treasury, 2 at U.S. Postal Service and 1 at Consumer Product Safety Commission. What does the U.S. Postal Service have to do with animal rights? HSUS wants to halt the shipment of baby chicks or other agricultural animals through the postal service.

Go here(pdf) to view the report.

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