Monday, January 26, 2009

Silver City Paper To Tour Ranches

Holly Wise, News Bureau Chief for the Silver City Sun-News, will be touring ranches and getting to know ranch families. Holly says:

I'm going to travel off the beaten path, talk to ranchers, their families and experts, take pictures and report back to you. In the end, I think we're both going to enjoy exploring this cultural way of life and the incredible people who have been at the helm of forming this history. My credentials for writing the series could be questioned, I know. After all, I am from Kentucky, where we are more known for horse racing and bluegrass than our beef cattle. Though I'm relatively new to the New Mexico way of cowboy life, I have been on my fair number of "round-ups," "gatherings," "the works," (whatever name suits you) on my family's ranch in Otero County. Probably more noteworthy than that is the fact that I'm curious and want to learn.

I look forward to reading and linking to these articles.


Life as I know it said...

Hello, this is Holly Wise. Thank you for mentioning the series on your blog. I have high hopes for the stories and hope to draw interest to these off-the-beaten-path homes and people. A point of clarification would be that I work for the Silver City Sun-News and the articles will appear in our publication, unless of course, our competition would like to pick up the series. :)

Thank you.
Holly Wise
Silver City Sun-News
Bureau Chief

The Westerner said...

Ouch, sorry about the error on the paper, will change it right now.