Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EPA Wants Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reports

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to require companies for the first time to disclose how much greenhouse gases they're releasing. "Our efforts to confront climate change must be guided by the best possible information," EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said Tuesday. "This is a critical step toward helping us better protect our health and environment –- all without placing an onerous burden on our nation’s small businesses.” EPA is proposing mandatory reporting of the gases blamed for global warming at approximately 13,000 facilities nationwide which account for about 85-90 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. The facilities include refineries, automobile manufacturers, power plants, coal mines and large manure ponds at farms. The information EPA gathers will be needed if it decides to control greenhouse gases or if Congress passes a law limiting the pollution. EPA said the expected costs to the private sector to comply with the reporting requirements be $160 million for the first year and about $127 million annually in subsequent years...Internet Broadcasting Systems

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