Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama Delists Wolf In Idaho & Montana

In a blow to environmental groups and a boost for ranchers, the Obama administration announced Friday that it would take the gray wolf off the endangered species list in Montana and Idaho, though it left the predator under federal protection in Wyoming. The delisting allows Montana and Idaho to assume complete management of the animal, which will include a hunting season in both states. The move also delists wolves in the western Great Lakes and parts of Oregon, Utah and Washington. The new policy was announced by the Bush administration in January, but its adoption was delayed so the incoming Obama administration could assess it. “The recovery of the gray wolf throughout significant portions of its historic range is one of the great success stories of the Endangered Species Act,” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said. “Today, we have more than 5,500 wolves, including more than 1,600 in the Rockies.” Jenny Harbine, a lawyer with Earthjustice in Bozeman, Mont., which has sued to keep the federal protections, said, “We’re disappointed.” She added, “Idaho has shown an eagerness to kill as many wolves as possible, and they are drawing up plans for killing wolves as we speak.” Officially, however, Idaho has agreed in its state plan to maintain a population of 500 wolves. Montana has agreed to keep 400 wolves. If the number of animals falls below 150 total and 15 breeding pairs for three years in a row, the wolf will be relisted in that state...NY Times


Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr Obama and Mr Salazar for basing your decisions on the facts and by the law. Wildlife management through the courts as Earth Justice would prefer does not result in sound management decisions.

Anonymous said...

wolf suporters have no respect for our forefathers or our backyards.50yrs i have supported wildlife. now i am seeing all efforts being wiped out. who is resonable for my loss besides the wolf? hey! lets bring back t-rex? varmets are to be shot.if you have a tag for a wolf and fill it. do you have to eat dog and will it taste like chicken?Idaho wildlife needes protection from wolves.Can I sue the wolves?Iam not a happy camper any more