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Wrangler Timed Event Championship Finals

GUTHRIE, Okla., March 8, 2009 – The Ironman event of ProRodeo celebrated twenty-five fabulous years this weekend at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Trevor Brazile who had previously won 5 WTEC titles and second last year, reclaimed his “Ironman Title” by besting a field of the world’s best cowboys. For two and a half decades, this one-of-a-kind event has showcased the greatest timed event cowboys competing in the most unique event in rodeo – the Wrangler Timed Event Championship.

Most fans of the Wrangler Timed Event Championship of the World leave the Lazy E Arena with programs and memories. Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas leaves with championships. On Sunday, the 32-year-old self-proclaimed fan extended his record WTEC title collection to six with 313.4 on 25 head. It was a dramatic win.

Brazile led by 28.1 seconds after 22 head. But then his heel loop got away from him in the next event and he dropped to third in the average at 294.1 seconds on 23 head behind two-time WTEC Champion Daniel Green of Oakdale, Calif. (269.9 on 23 head) and Josh Peek of Pueblo, Colo. (293.0 on 23 head). However, Green suffered a 60-second time in the steer wrestling. A 60-second time is used instead of a no-time at the WTEC. Peek tossed his steer in 5.3 seconds and Brazile was 7.4. So with one run left - the steer roping - Peek led Brazile by 3.2 seconds. Brazile's Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association gold buckles include two in steer roping. Brazile clocked an 11.9-second run. Peek, who had to be 15-seconds or faster for the win, ran into trouble and took a 60.0-second time (a loop missed that ultimately cost him $40,000).

In celebration of the 25th year of the prestigious WTEC, all former champions - of which there are 10 - gathered for a special recognition dinner on Saturday. When it came time for Brazile to speak, he said "I am a fan." Looking out at a room filled with gold buckle cowboys, he said, "I was watching." Whether the notes he was taking were mental or on a piece of paper, it's safely said that he studied well. Besides winning $50,000 for the average this year, he tacked on $6,000 for placing second in the fastest rounds with a 45.7-second showing in the second round. Bringing his total earnings at the WTEC to $564,500.

Brazile, a six-time all-around and nine-time overall Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association World Champion, claimed a share of the lead with Green during the first run of the second round, or the sixth of 25 head. He held that until the team roping - heeling on Sunday. But he worked his way back to claim the win and dedicated it to the memory of the late Clem McSpadden, Hall of Fame Announcer and the voice of the Lazy E Arena.

Green not only earned $25,000 for second in the average with 344.7 seconds on 25 head, but also had the fastest round with 45.5 seconds in the fourth round for $10,000 and 50.2 seconds in the second round for sixth fastest round and $2,000 – all totaling a weekend take of $37,000.

Finishing third was three-time WTEC champion Jimmie Cooper, who at age 52 totaled 358.2 on 25. Cooper was the PRCA all-around World Champion in 1981. The 25th WTEC included record-breaking efforts in individual events. Cade Swor of Chico, Texas broke a 10-year-old arena record in the tie-down roping. Swor roped and tied his calf in 7.9 seconds in the fourth round breaking the 1999 mark of 8.1 seconds by Blair Burk of Durant, Okla. In the team roping - heeling, the record was 5.2 seconds set by Green in 2000. In the fourth go, PRCA World Champion Chad Masters of Clarksville, Tenn., stopped the clock in 5.1 seconds, assisted by Luke Brown on the heading end. Just a few minutes later Jo Jo LeMond of Andrews, Texas froze the scoreboard clock in 4.9 seconds, with PRCA World Champion Matt Sherwood as his header. The Lazy E Arena pays a $3,000 bonus when a contestant breaks a WTEC arena record - meaning Swor, Masters and LeMond collected $3,000 each.

The WTEC featured twenty of the world’s best cowboys in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) competing in pro rodeo’s most unique event that is often referred to as “The Ironman” — it is a true test of versatility and stamina. Each contestant is required to compete in all five grueling timed events: tie-down roping, steer roping, heading, heeling and steer wrestling – over five rounds in three days.

In addition to the competition, numerous special functions were held to commemorate this special anniversary event that included appearances and highlights from previous champions such as two-time WTEC Champion Leo Camarillo; 1986 Champion Mike Beers; 1990 Champion Bobby Harris and 1995 Champion Olie Smith. These great WTEC ambassadors who are now retired, joined current competing past champions for special festivities that included Brazile; four-time Champions Paul Tierney and K.C. Jones; three-time champion Jimmie Cooper; two-time champion Daniel Green; and 2005 champion Kyle Lockett. In addition to the past champions being on hand, the Lazy E Arena paid tribute to the late Clem McSpadden honoring his twenty-four years of service to the Lazy E Arena and the WTEC. The Lazy E presented Donna McSpadden and family with a “Champion” WTEC buckle with Clem’s name inscribed and also presented long-time gate man Delmar Smith with a Shorty’s Caboy Hattery 50X hat in tribute to McSpadden establishing the first annual Clem McSpadden Pioneer Award...Lazy E

Average - Final Results

1. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas 313.4 Seconds on 25 Head, $50,000
2. Daniel Green, Oakdale, Calif. 344.7 Seconds on 25 Head, $25,000
3. Jimmie Cooper, Monument, N.M. 358.2 Seconds on 25 Head, $15,000
4. Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo. 358.3 Seconds on 25 Head, $10,000
5. Kyle Lockett, Visalia, Calif. 366.5 Seconds on 25 Head, $7,500
6. Beau Franzen, Sidney, Mont. 378.1 Seconds on 25 Head, $5,000
7. Chance Kelton, Mayer, Ariz. 400.2 Seconds on 25 Head, $4,500
8. Rhett Kennedy, Chowchilla, Calif. 412.1 Seconds on 25 Head, $3,000

Fastest Rounds - Final Results

1. Daniel Green , Oakdale, Calif. 45.5 Seconds (4th round), $10,000
2. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas 45.7 Seconds (2nd round) $6,000
3. K.C. Jones, Burlington, Wyo. 47.4 Seconds (5th round) $5,000
4. Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo. 48.3 Seconds (3rd round) $4,000
5. Steve Duhon, Sonora, Texas 48.9, Seconds (4th round) $3,000
6. Daniel Green, Oakdale, Calif. 50.2 Seconds (2nd round) $2,000

Arena Record Bonuses

Cade Swor, Chico, Texas 7.9 Seconds (Tie-Down Roping), $3,000
Chad Masters, Clarksville, Tenn. 5.1 Seconds (Heeling), $3,000
JoJo LeMond, Andrews, Texas 4.9 Seconds (Heeling), $3,000
$159,000 Total Pay-Out

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