Friday, March 06, 2009

Wyoming Groups Unveil "Thank a Rancher" Campaign

On March 4, look for three new billboards on Wyoming’s roads, expressing appreciation for the state’s ranchers and the role they play in Wyoming open space and conservation efforts. To raise awareness of how ranchers help to conserve Wyoming’s wide open spaces, abundant wildlife and unparalleled recreation opportunities, a group of sportsmen, conservation and outdoor interests has organized the campaign, uniting to articulate a shared desire to recognize the importance of agriculture in land protection, and the need to work together to maintain what is unique about Wyoming. The group – working in conjunction with the Wyoming Stockgrowers Agricultural Land Trust - includes Audubon Wyoming, Trout Unlimited, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy, and is committed to preserve Wyoming’s open landscapes, healthy wildlife populations, and iconic views. “Wyoming still has what so many other places have failed to protect. We recognize that our ranchers and farmers are important caretakers of our wildlife habitat and open spaces” said Brian Rutledge, Executive Director of Audubon in Wyoming. “The stewardship and cultural values embodied by the ranching community are critical in preserving what Wyoming values”...Nature Conservancy


drjohn said...

This sounds like the fox watching the chickens. Since when has any of these groups been friends of the ranchers?

Kanani said...

The Nature Conservancy has purchased Staten Island Farm, a 10,000 tract on the San Joaquin Delta and is preserving it as a working farm. They are continuing with the practice started by Jim & Sally Shanks, who for fifty years, farmed with wildlife concerns in mind. They work in conjunction with many private organizations such as Ducks Unlimited (who restored a marsh), Audubon, and the usual state and federal bureaus.