Friday, June 12, 2009

Colorado landowners tell their story - Video

June 11, 2009---Fred Kelly Grant

Posted today on YouTube, on , and on, are interviews with two landowners who have been betrayed by the state of Colorado. Denise Kennedy and Deni Thompson tell the stories of how they have been trapped by the state’s breach of its commitment to them and other landowners in southcentral Colorado. These interviews will be followed by other first hand accounts by landowners as to how their financial futures are endangered by the state’s breach of its word. Just 8 days ago, Governor Ritter stated that “farmers and ranchers are…vital to Colorado’s future.” In his statement made during the public signing of a bill in opposition to military expansion of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site in southeastern Colorado, the Governor also said that the landowners in that area have been “understandably nervous about what the future holds” and that he was glad the bill “provides those farmers and ranchers with some level of stability and security.” Exactly the same can be said of the southcentral farmers and ranchers who relied in good faith on the state’s conservation easement commitments. But, the legislature, the Governor and his political appointees have refused to take action to honor the state’s commitment...

There are three interviews at the landowner site. Here are the two mentioned by Grant.

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