Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GAO Cites Gun Sales to Those on Watch List

People named on the government's terrorism watch list have successfully purchased firearms hundreds of times since 2004, government investigators reported yesterday. In one case, a known or suspected terrorist was able to obtain an explosives license, the Government Accountability Office reported. U.S. lawmakers requested the audit to show how people on the watch list can be stopped from boarding airplanes but not from buying guns. Under federal law, licensed firearms dealers must request an FBI background check for each buyer but cannot legally stop a purchase solely because someone is on the watch list. The study found that people on the list purchased firearms 865 times in 963 attempts over a five-year period ending in February. Those who were denied gun purchases were disqualified for other reasons, such as a felony conviction, a drug violation or being an illegal immigrant...WPost

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Dan said...

Wait, you mean people can continue exercising constitutionally-guaranteed rights, even though they've never been convicted of a crime, and have merely been flagged as suspicious by an unaccountable office with no due process of law? Madness!