Monday, June 22, 2009

New Scientific Assessment Predicts Massive Droughts For New Mexico

Today, 13 government science agencies issued the most definitive scientific assessment to date of the impacts of global warming on the United States and reinforced the urgency of acting now to reduce pollution. The story the report tells for New Mexico is one of more extreme heat waves, more drought, reduced snowpack in winter and river flows in summer, if global warming pollution levels are not dramatically and rapidly cut. According to Environment New Mexico, the report also tells another story – one of the opportunity to avert disaster by converting to a clean energy economy. The report found that global warming has already raised average temperatures in New Mexico, and that recent warming in the Southwest is among the most rapid in the nation. If global warming pollution continues under the report’s high emissions scenario, scientists expect New Mexico to experience the following impacts: - Massive droughts, which will have a catastrophic effect on agriculture - Extreme heat waves - Reduced snowpack, which will have a devastating effect on the ski industry...LocalDialogue

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Tommy said...

Has anyone told these people that global warming is a hoax, that the guy who suggested it corrupted his data, that we may actually be getting cooler?