Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dubois Destroyed

From our comment section:

There is a town in Wyoming that is also called Dubois.It is about an hour and half from Jackson Hole and just about broke. Every Environmental Policy that has been implemented has systematically destroyed this town.

They lost the Louisianna-Pacific mill in the Eighties, then when the Wolves came in 1995 the big ranches began to disappear.The Grizzly and Wolves have virtually stopped all tourist that used to hike in that Area.

The Wolves and Griz have destroyed the Hunting and Hunting is all that Dubois had left. The Big Game meat processing plant in Dubois processed 10 cow elk in 2008,they processed 25 in 2007.

In the year 2000 Wyo. issued 1500 late cow permits for the Dubois area ,today they issue 150. The reduction in permits began in 2003, that year the were reduced to 500, 2004 they went to 250 and have been at 150 since.

Our moose are gone.

If you would like to call and talk to a fellow who lives in a town that is dying because it has been sanitized by the Sierra Club. Call Darrel at Wind River Meat 307-332-8208.

What has happened to Dubois is a blue print for what is intended for the rest of us,who call the West our home. The Wolves are soldiers nothing more nothing less, and this is a war.

What they want and need is our Land and Water. The other issue that is fueling this insanity is the Hage Decision. Once the Hage Decision is put in place the Wildlife Managers will be liable for damages from Big Game. So the varied Fish&Game Dept have an interest in seeing as many ranchers put out of business as possible.

That is why Wyoming Game & Fish has been so quiet, and wouldn't say Wolf if they had a mouthful.

So watch your backs.

Todd Fross


Anonymous said...

I am sooo very sorry for your loss and here in New Mexico, USA we are facing the same problem as well as Colorado, Arizona and many other states. I fear it is a political game we will not win but there are greater atrocities accuring in our wonderful Land of Milk and Honey so we will continue to shoot on site and bury their carcuses and continue to exercise our right to bear arms and protect our families and our livestock in any way necessary! Amen. Sincerely, a farm and ranch wife in NM.

Anonymous said...

As a ranch wife in NM who lives in wolf country and has seen depredation on our place, I can't say I have ever met anyone who has killed and buried a wolf.
Although do I agree we will protect our family's and livestock, most of us do what is necessary to comply with the law.

Robert from Dubois said...

The phone number given in this comment for Wind River Meats in Dubois WY is incorrect. As is everything else claimed in this comment.

Anonymous said...

The phone number is probably changed because people like you probaly call and say stupid stuff like this. IT IS TRUE, you do not live the land nor have you ever lived the land like a rancher has. You are not being put out of business, nor are you harrassed for doing a legal business, like ranchers are. We can not go back to the land before man. We are here and there are more cominghere everyday. Where is the balance.