Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local Rancher Loses Thousands to Wolves

The time has come for what Idaho hunters and ranchers have been looking forward to for years: tags to kill wolves are on sale now. There was a slight hiccup Monday afternoon. Fish and Game's computer system went down for about 20 minutes but it's back up and running. More than four thousand tags have been sold statewide so far and locally about 40 tags have gone out the door to eager hunters at Sportsmen's Warehouse. A local rancher has dealt with huge losses from the wolves and he, like many hunters, is getting the guns ready. "Since 1895, the Siddoways have been running sheep in this country," said Jeff Siddoway whose great grandfather started the sheep business. It's been in the family for more than a century and the fourth generation Siddoway sells lambs, bucks and ewes. But this year, he's lost more than $35,000 worth of livestock to what he calls vicious predators of the wild. "Every day, every night you're out there trying to find them, protect whatever you have to do to keep them away...but you know they're going to come back and do you some damage," explained Siddoway. Last week, Fish and Game commissioners decided hunters could harvest 220 wolves within the state. Siddoway says he's disappointed they choose the lower quota but doesn't believe they'll be able to kill that many...LocalNews8

There's a video report available at the linked site.

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