Saturday, March 13, 2010

100's of emergency 9-1-1 calls follow cartel shootout (watch & listen to two video reports)

We have new information on the violence happening across the border in our sister city. Nuevo Laredo officials have been denying over and over that there is any kind of violence occurring there. We have obtained 911-dispatch audio of the night of Friday, February 26Th. That’s the first night of the major shootouts across the border. Our Noraida Negron has all the details in a story you will only see here on eight. Just that night alone 911 dispatch received hundreds of calls in a matter of three hours. The audio you are about to hear is just from a span of one hour. Residents who live in Laredo along the riverbanks were calling 911 talking about explosions and multiple gunfights. read more

Officials across the border have been very reluctant to admit to the violence, but on Wednesday night we presented you with recordings from the night of February 19th as gunfights broke out in Nuevo Laredo. We have more audio recordings from that night. This time we get to hear what police officers were saying to each other in their radio transmissions. [link]

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