Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cochise ranch area outraged by killing

Neighbor ranchers of the slain Robert Krentz say they had been warning U.S. officials for years that somebody would be killed if they didn't gain control of this dangerous smuggling corridor where armed burglaries have become a daily occurrence. Now, they're demanding immediate action. Krentz, a longtime rancher, was shot and killed Saturday in Cochise County, by a likely southbound smuggler, who authorities believe escaped into Mexico. "The Mexican outlaws have total control, and it's going to get worse," said Ed Ashurst, whose 53,000-acre ranch is just east of the Krentz ranch. "There is going to be more bloodshed." On Monday, in reaction to the killing, Gov. Jan Brewer reiterated a March 2009 request to send 250 additional National Guard soldiers to Arizona's border. Rancher Dean Nelson said the National Guard should have already been called. "If the government doesn't call out the Guard, they don't care about us," Nelson said. But Ashurst said the National Guard won't improve safety unless its personnel are given the green light to shoot at smugglers. Ranchers in the unincorporated community of Apache, about 25 miles northeast of Douglas, say they'll now be more vigilant when they encounter illegal immigrants. Ashurst, Nelson and Mortensen described Krentz as a good man who didn't have enemies...more


Anonymous said...

Armed Militia patrol needed. Where do I apply?

Brett said...

Don't worry, Anonymous. When the locals have enough and organize, Uncle Sam will be there in a jiffy to throw their butts in jail, with Morris Dees and his cronies at the Southern Poverty Law Center right there behind the feds cheering them on. We wouldn't want it to get lawless down there on the frontera now, would we?

Anonymous said...

Morris Dees. My day was going pretty well until you mentioned Morris and the SPLC.

I truly believe that most of what is wrong in America is deliberate and crimminal.Examples...501 C outfits like theabove,international treaties, executive orders, counterfeiting..

Do you find it ironic that Tim Geithner is SEC of Treasury after
"serving" as head of the "private
corporation"--The New York Fed??
(See Federal Reserve--Dun & Bradstreet)

Morris & Company would be cheering
but would be wearing their bullet proof "posterior" guards.