Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Green Curriculum Unveiled for USDA Forest Service Job Corps

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled a new direction for the USDA Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers (CCCs) that will train underserved youth for jobs in the emerging green economy. The green curriculum announced today will expand opportunities and pathways out of poverty through the promotion of public service, sustainable lifestyles, and vocational skills that will enable young people to compete for green jobs. USDA operates 28 CCCs across 18 states with a capacity of 6,200 more

COMMENT: These poor kids. They already have two strikes against them and then the FS fills them full of this green jobs bunk. Take their carpentry course on "green construction". The carpenters around here are glad to find work of any kind, no matter the color. Tell them to "go green" and they will laugh in your face. They just want "green" in their pocket and that is mighty hard to come by right now.

I always figured the FS could do a better job than most in working with these urban kids. I'll have to rethink that if they keep up with this politically correct crap.

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