Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Politicians Respond, I Comment

US hands over equipment to Mexico for border security Amidst national strife over illegal immigration and local outrage over the murder of a prominent a Southern Arizona rancher, an historic agreement Tuesday between the United States and Mexico. "It's through the Merit Initiative that the United States and Mexico governments have come together to collaborate and cooperate," said U.S. Consul General John Breidenstine, speaking outside U.S. Border Patrol headquarters, Tucson Sector. To that end, the Department of Homeland Security transferred ten ATVs, four motorcycles, 50 global positioning units and an assortment of tactical equipment today to Mexico's Secretariat of Public Safety. "What happens in Mexico has a significant impact on what happens in the United States and vice versa," Consul Breidenstine said...more

Breidenstine makes me want to puke. If I never again hear a government official use the words "collaborate" and "cooperate" it will be a blessing.

As for Bredenstine's "What happens in Mexico has a significant impact on what happens in the United States", we need a new policy:


McCain: Call National Guard for border Sen. John McCain wants to call in the cavalry to defend Arizona from illegal immigrants
crossing the border from Mexico—and to shore up his own right flank. McCain asked the Obama administration Monday to send National Guard troops to the border after a prominent Arizona rancher was found shot to death on his own property. "I am asking you and the administration to immediately reconsider your position and send National Guard troops to our southern border region," McCain wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano...

Talk about your John(ny) Come Lately. McCain has had years to address this problem, but he was too busy promoting immigration reform.

Richardson orders more law enforcement to Mexico border Governor Bill Richardson ordered more law enforcement officers to the New Mexico-Mexico border today, following the killing of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz. In 2005, Richardson declared a state of emergency in border areas to provide more law enforcement funding for the border area in New Mexico. In 2006, President George W. Bush ordered national guard troops to the border to stem the flow of immigrants flowing into the United States from the U.S.-Mexico border. At that time, Richardson was critical of using National Guardsmen to patrol the border. “Our guardsmen are tired, they’ve been in Afghanistan and Iraq. I need our National Guard for forest fires,” New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said to ABC News in 2006. Last year, however, Richardson asked for funding, along with the other border governors, for additional National Guard troops on the United States-Mexico border...

Guard on the border under Bush - bad.
Guard on the border under Obama - good.

It's just this kind of politics that prevents a solution. Anyway, Richardson has been too busy issuing drivers licenses to illegals.

Yesterday I posted N.M. Delegation Urges Enhanced Border Patrol Presence in State's 'Boot Heel'

Currently, Senators Bingaman & Udall have no credibility on border security. Bingaman has introduced legislation, with Udall as cosponsor, to create 400 square miles of wilderness at or near the border. No motorized vehicles or mechanical equipment allowed. No vehicles, no electronic or communications equipment; nada for the Border Patrol. On the one hand they want increased BP presence, while on the other hand they chop them off at the knees. I don't believe New Mexicans are going to buy their little political dance this time around.

Rancher's Murder Exposes Deadly Gaps in Border Policing Former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, reacting to the murder of a well-known Arizona rancher by an assailant authorities believe was an illegal immigrant, said violence on the border has spiraled out of control and the federal government seems powerless to stop it. "The violence on the border is ... getting worse all the time," he said. "This is just a horrible manifestation of it." A satellite photo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows a gap in the border fence near Krentz's ranch in southeastern Arizona. Tancredo said a small gap in the fence could be manageable, because border agents could "funnel" illegal immigrants into a small area and arrest them. But he said the gap by Krentz's estate is too big and law enforcers aren't working hard enough to catch people crossing over. "There is not going to be any effective barrier on that border because there is no desire to stop illegal immigration," he said. "They're not using any human resources effectively." Plus, Tancredo said, most of the fencing that is in place is not strong enough. It's either a single fence or, as Tancredo's Rocky Mountain Foundation noted, a short barrier meant to stop vehicles. "It doesn't stop people," said Charles Heatherley, executive director of the foundation...

Never been a fan of Tancredo, but he's making more sense than most on this incident.


Anonymous said...

Most enviros see people as the "scourge of the earth" and believe in population control and reduction. The politicians like Bingaman, Udall and Teague are supported in a big way by the enviro groups, and by all appearances are philosophically in step with them as well. They will give lip service to this tragedy, but it will be shocking beyond belief if they actually do anything more than throw around insincere comments.

Tommy said...

Bingaman, Udall and Teague?
Throw the bums out!!!