Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mexican border town on High Alert as Mexican Drug Cartels threaten to start killing children

Most residents of Mexican border towns feel they are under siege by the powerful and rich Mexican Drug Cartels (MDC'S) who seem to be operating with immunity. Partly as a result American cities along the U.S. Mexican border are on high alert and preparing for a surge of illegal immigrants should that threat to start killing the children be carried out. Mexican citizens have told this reporter that they believe the MDC's do pretty much as they want because the Mexican Army has been bought off just as the politicians, police and judges have. According to the El Paso Times officials of the Texas border town of Fort Hancock, report that they consider the situation serious. “We just got word that the cartel has threatened to kill children in schools across the border unless parents paid $5000 pesos,” said Mike Doyle, chief deputy sheriff of Hudspeth County. And that time might come sooner than later. Schools Superintendent Jose Franco said word has spread that everyone in the Mexican town must stay indoors while members of rival cartels prepare for a shootout.
“I may not be working in school that day. I may be working as a medic,” said Franco, who moonlights as an ambulance paramedic. Franco also confirmed the ransom demand for students across the border, adding that some of his students had already paid the money to be left alone. Mexican Drug Cartels have reached across the international border into the United States to kill people including Americans and their reach extends North, East and West across our nation. MDC'S have ordered the killings of drug dealers, American gang members, U.S. Consulate employees, a Detention Officer with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, DEA agent, ICE informant and U.S. Military personal. MDC'S are also responsible for many kidnapping's of Americans on American soil and have taken Americans to Mexico to be tortured, maimed and murdered, without any retaliation from the U.S. Government...more

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