Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rancher's murder prompts town hall in Apache

A crowd swarmed Apache Elementary School in the community of the same name in southeastern Arizona Wednesday, only a few miles from the state line, to mourn the murder of Robert Krentz. "This senseless act took the life of a man, a humanitarian who bore no ill will toward anyone," Krentz's brother-in-law Louis Pope read from a family statement. Mourning became a call to action. "Please don't let Rob's death be in vain," Peggy Davis said as she held a small child. Area ranchers and residents told Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords what they have seen in the area that they say is full of illegal traffic from Mexico. "Batteries from Mexico, all kinds of food, I found a cell phone. They're using these peaks to spot the Border Patrol," said Billy Darnell, a rancher and former Hidalgo County Sheriff. "I spend weeks at a time by myself on the ranch," Davis said. "And everything I do, everywhere I go, I have a firearm." And they gave their thoughts on what should change to make the area more secure...more

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