Thursday, April 01, 2010

Richardson Orders National Guard To Patrol Mexican Border

Gov. Bill Richardson, after meeting with top law enforcement officials Wednesday morning, ordered the National Guard to patrol the border with Mexico and ensure the safety of New Mexico citizens. Richardson ordered New Mexico National Guard Major General Kenny Montoya to send guardsmen to the border area. The guardsmen will work with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, which his coordinating the law enforcement presence along the border. A spokesman for the Guard, Lt. Col. Jamison Herrera, said the timeframe and scope of the work will determine how many soldiers will be activated. Herrera said the Guard's focus will be observation posts and using infrared tools that can detect body heat and movement during nighttime more

For additional coverage, including an interview with rancher Dudley Williams, go here.

Good move by the Guv, who's never hesitated to use his executive authority.

He does have a chink in his armor though. Richardson has endorsed the Bingaman wilderness bill. If S.1689 were to become law the NM National Guard would not be able to "patrol" as the Guv has directed, nor could they use the "infrared tools", on any of the lands designated as wilderness.

It is time our elected officials reconsider their support for this bill.

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