Sunday, April 25, 2010

Violence temporarily closes Camargo bridge

Authorities have temporarily shut down the Camargo-Rio Grande City International Bridge following reports of a robbery and shooting on the Mexican side. Witnesses said a group of armed men robbed a tollbooth or tollbooths on the Mexican side of the border and fired their weapons. The Tamaulipas Ministry of Public Safety (SSP) confirmed an incident at the bridge reporting that the customs area had been damaged by a group of civilians. Southbound traffic from the United States into Mexico remained closed on Saturday afternoon. The SSP reported that the bodies of three men were found near Camargo in the Town of Rancherias on Saturday morning. Investigators reported that the three men had been killed by gunfire. The two incidents are the latest in a string of shootouts and mysterious murders along the "frontera chica," or little border which extends from Camargo in the east to Nueva Ciudad Guerrero next to Falcon Lake. Since late February, the area has seen dozens of deaths and disappearances following shootouts between rival drug trafficking organizations as well as between the Mexican soldiers and drug traffikcers...more

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