Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brewer says stimulus will be used on the border

Federal dollars may be used to secure Arizona's border after all. Gov. Jan Brewer announced program guidelines for her Border Security Enhancement Program Wednesday. The program was announced in April and would provide $10 million in federal stimulus dollars to the four counties that border Mexico (Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz and Yuma), incorporated areas within those counties and the Cocopah, Fort Yuma-Quechen and Tohono O'odham tribes. According to the guidelines, the grant money must be used to increase the capacity of county, local and tribal law enforcement to combat illegal drug and human smuggling and illegal immigration along the border, with an emphasis on protecting Arizona residents and businesses. It cannot be used to pay for administrative, construction or renovation costs. It can be used to pay for overtime, part-time employees and travel expenses. It can also be used to hire new officers and pay for some new equipment, but the departments have to show how they will be able to continue funding the new positions or equipment after the grant runs out in 16 months...more

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Anonymous said...

I will look through my scope and provide my own ammo for free. just need a badge for a day or several from the feds or the tribes.