Friday, May 14, 2010

Judge rules on complaint over hunters defecating in woods

Overwhelmed by what he saw as the idiocy of a recent complaint to the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality, Limestone County Judge Daniel Burkeen felt compelled to author an appropriate response after being asked to investigate whether a hunting lodge owner was allowing patrons to defecate in the woods. "We have had some delay in our investigation of the incidents alleged in the complaint which you kindly forwarded to us," Judge Burkeen wrote in his investigation report to TCEQ. "The problem is, we have recently had a rash of reports of cows, horses, sheep and goats defecating at will in pastures throughout the county." TCEQ received the complaint March 9, which alleged Thornton resident David Cousins had been leasing out a hunting cabin that had no bathroom, forcing hunters to void their bowels behind a tree. A week later, the complaint was assigned to Judge Burkeen, who comically responded by writing in his investigative report that on top of hunters and farm animals, "we suspect that wild hogs, deer and all sorts of other animals are defecating without even trying to find a proper facility. "In addition, I have personal proof on my windshield of a mischievous bird defecating in flight. The culprit flew away, but I did get a description. It was red. The gift it left was white."...more

Maybe you can't mess with Texas, but they will let you mess in the woods.

Let us all pray the EPA doesn't get involved. I'm sure they don't like us folks who cling to our guns, our religion...and our toilet paper.

HT: The Outdoor Pressroom

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Tick said...

Dunno about the barbarians in other deer camps but I'm gettin' too old to squat for very long. I have found that a folding port-a-potty works well in the woods. And instead of the nasty job of disposing of the disposable bags I've found that an army shovel works much better. If I position the stool (pun intended) just right I can actually hunt while I'm leisurely doing my business. You never know when or where that wiley buck may appear.