Monday, May 24, 2010

Phil Krentz: 'I Just Don't Know What's Around the Next Bend'

Phil Krentz, younger brother of murdered rancher Rob Krentz, called the other night and talked at length to a reporter for the first time since March 27. He opened up about his life on the ranch now, the impact that terrible day has had on him, and the support he and other family members have been getting. “Unless something is done about it, I think people's lives in the United States are really in jeopardy.” How so? “Because there’ll be no recourse. The cartels can do what they want, and they know it. “You know, this whole deal is not an immigration issue. This whole issue is about people's safety and securing the border. You just don't know what is crossing the border, and we've been saying that for years. And Rob and whoever else you talk to who has lived around here and seen what we've seen, it's not a safe place anymore. Some of the people you see, it just makes you wonder, and the things that you find. I know some people who have found prayer rugs and stuff like that in various locations, so you really wonder.” I mentioned the story of Terrie and Glen Stoller, winter visitors whose home is north of the Krentz ranch, near Apache. They recently sold their home and fled to California because of the growing danger. “But my roots are here,” Krentz said...more


Anonymous said...

pretty sad--we protect many borders
throughout the world & not our own.

The feds are criminals.

Anonymous said...

America protects borders everywhere
except our own. Feds are criminal.
Oaths of office mean nothing.