Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anti-wolf website angers conservationists

Wolves are getting another day in court. But one blogger says, no matter the ruling, the animals have to be controlled. "Things will turn around, with or without approval," says Toby Bridges. Bridges runs lobowatch.com, a website spear heading the anti-wolf movement. " We do not need anymore wolves," says Bridges. "We are losing elk, deer, moose, and other big game just way too fast." Not everyone agrees though. Some conservationists think we're not doing enough. " Under the endangered species act, they should be afforded the protections to move into Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and most of the Western states," says wolf advocate Jerry Black. Bridges tells the News Channel his website has up to 10,000 visitors a month. He gets dozens of emails every day, and thinks the message hunters and ranchers are sending is clear. " The other side needs to know, that if push comes to shove, sportsmen in this state, and sportsmen in the Northern Rockies are going to take care of this problem," says Bridges. Earlier this month, Bridges posted an article on his blog about how to kill wolves using poison. The information angered environmentalists and conservationists...more

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