Monday, June 07, 2010

Border ranchers react to White House meeting

All eyes and ears were on Governor Brewer and President Obama on Thursday as the two met at the White House to discuss securing the border, including sending National Guard troops. Arguably, few have more at stake than the ranching community of southern Arizona who spend their days and nights keeping watch over their property. In late March of this year, one of their own, Robert Krentz was shot to death on his ranch near Douglas. The killer's identity is unknown, as is the killer's immigration status. But investigators have said they suspect the murder was the work of an illegal border crosser. Even after the senseless murder, border crimes against Kentz' family and the close-knit ranching community haven't stopped. KGUN9 talked to Gary Thrasher, a friend of the Krentz family and also a rancher. Thrasher explained what has been happening in the areas closest to the border. "People are breaking into homes, intimidating women to lock themselves into bedrooms. There have been 2 or 3 threats since Rob's been killed," Thrasher said. For a family that was already devastated by the loss of a loved one, more acts of crime are terrifying and push them to a breaking point. Thrasher told KGUN9 that shortly after Krentz' murder, someone broke into the home belonging to Krentz' sister. Thrasher said he's hoping all this won't result in another shooting. President Obama has promised Governor Brewer that in two weeks' time, his staffers will come down to assess the situation for themselves...more

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