Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drug cartel violence may doom famed Kentucky Club, Ciudad Juárez institution since prohibition

Every time waiter Sergio Peña goes to work at the Kentucky Club in an elegant white shirt and tie, it seems like one more velorio, a funeral wake. "So many businesses are closing," Peña said. "And people won't know the history here. ... We are in de luto, grief." As Mexican drug cartel violence spills nearer, the faithful of the Kentucky Club hope this border bar built by Kentucky distillers during Prohibition makes it past age 90. But in Juárez, a city as violent as war-torn Afghanistan, some doubt the survival of this institution that once catered to the rich and famous. Marilyn Monroe bought drinks for the club's patrons to celebrate her divorce from playwright Arthur Miller. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton toasted their fractured partnership. Bob Dylan sought lyrical inspiration, Ronald Reagan sought a cool one...more

A favorite place for The his younger days.

Never saw Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor, but I did see a young and beautiful Sharon Rose Chesher there.

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