Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Ladies' Night" at bars ruled illegal

It's a bastion of bar culture: "Ladies' Night," staged to attract female customers by cutting their drink prices and cover charges. It's also illegal gender discrimination, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The department charged this week that by having ladies' nights, five Twin Cities establishments denied men the right to "full and equal enjoyment" of their businesses. "Gender-based pricing violates the [state] Human Rights Act," Commissioner James Kirkpatrick said in a statement...more

What they will be doing is denying men "full and equal enjoyment" of the women who don't show up because of the higher prices.

Thus we will have another government-created shortage, and in this case, a darn serious one.

When the shortage becomes severe, the Obama administration will come up with some kind of subsidy for the women who are priced out of the

Subsidies always end up producing an oversupply, so...this may be a damned good policy after all!

QUESTION: I still haven't figured out what the subsidy should be called, nor which agency in the government would administer it. Any ideas out there?

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