Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mexico mass grave in abandoned mine has 55 bodies

Mexican police say 55 bodies have been recovered from an abandoned mine that appears to have been used as a mass grave by drugs gangs. Human remains were first discovered in the silver mine near Taxco in Guerrero state at the end of May. The bodies appeared to have been thrown down a 200m (650ft) ventilation shaft over a period of time, police said. Earlier reports that 77 bodies had been recovered were mistaken, officials said. Only six have so far been identified - one was the director of a local prison. Guerrero state is a focal point for drug-related violence that has claimed more than 22,000 lives in Mexico since 2006. Police are now checking other mineshafts in the area to see if bodies have also been dumped there...more

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Tick said...

And if I dig long enough and hard enough, somewhere I'll find an article about Calderon condemning this...right? Won't I? Huh?