Friday, July 02, 2010

Ballistics tests run: Workers at City Hall unfazed by shots that hit building

The bullets that hit El Paso City Hall on Tuesday -- apparently from an AK-47 rifle -- could have easily come from a shooting about half a mile away in Juárez, officials and experts said. El Paso police would not disclose anything on the shooting Wednesday, but said ballistics tests are being conducted on two bullets found at City Hall. Five bullets hit the west side walls, one hit the north end of the building and another went into an office. Police spokesman Darrel Petry would not offer any new information on the shooting, but Mexican police said the bullets might have come from an AK-47 rifle, which fires a bullet capable of traveling more than half a mile. Petry said the trajectory of the bullets indicate to police that they were losing some of their velocity when they struck the building and might have come from a fatal shooting that occurred about half a mile away in Juárez. City Manager Joyce Wilson said the group of employees who were meeting in the office where a bullet pierced through "hit the floor and crawled out of the office."...more

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