Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independent Audit Panel Slams U.N.'s Climate Group

Acknowledging flaws in its reports and growing public skepticism toward the theory of manmade global warming, the United Nations hired an independent review panel in March to audit its climate-science arm. The group found plenty of problems. The InterAcademy Council, an independent group of scientists representing agencies from around the world, presented the findings of its five-month investigation Monday morning at the United Nations. The group took issue with the structure, methods and leadership of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -- the group responsible for a 2007 report that erroneously forecast the imminent melting of Himalayan glaciers, the rate of melt of polar ice caps and dwindling Amazon rainforests. "The IPCC has raised public awareness of climate change, and driven policymakers," said Harold Shapiro, chair of the IAC Committee to Review IPCC and former president of Princeton University. But the controversies that have erupted, and revelations of errors, have put the group under the microscope. "We recommend some significant reforms," he told the U.N..."We found in the summary for policymakers that there were two kinds of errors that came up -- one is the kind where they place high confidence in something where there is very little evidence. The other is the kind where you make a statement … with no substantive value, in our judgment."...more

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jed said...

I like the notion that our conclusion is correct even though our data is wrong or faked. The whole 'human caused global climate change' reminds me of sncient humans who thought that earthquakes and volcano eruptions were somehow their fault. They truly and sincerely believed they had done something wrong that had caused these natural phenomena. They would immediately set about trying to make things right again. They would sacrifice a virgin or slaughter cattle and sheep or build an expensive new temple. Priests and shamans who were considered best suited to figure out what the humans had done wrong became more powerful. We now laugh at them just the way future generations will laugh at us: "People in the early 21st century actually believed that they caused global warming. They passed a slew of restrictive laws and spent a ton of money thinking they would reverse what they "caused." Their climate scientists got richer and their politicians became more powerful. Ha. What a bunch of idiots."