Thursday, August 19, 2010

Juarez kidnapping takes toll on both sides of border

The situation in Juarez, Mexico is only getting worse. The quiet streets of El Paso might be the last place you expect to see spillover from the violence in Juarez, but this is spillover of a different kind. The kidnappings of a woman's parents there has a Texas teacher speaking out while most usually suffer in silence. Morayma Chavez-Esquivel says her parents were abducted in Juarez. They were there babysitting their youngest grandchildren. But sometime after the kids were picked up - the couple vanished from the home they own in Juarez. Chavez-Esquivel says the doors to their home were left wide open and the lights were left on. The cars were still parked in the garage, and her mother's shoes were found nearby. That was last Wednesday, and still there Chavez-Esquivel has heard no word of ransom from possible abductors. To add to her concern, Chavez-Esquivel says her mother is diabetic and depends on insulin. As they worry and wait for answers, the family is seeking help from the U.S. Consulate and police in Juarez. But the vast majority of violent crimes in Mexico go unsolved...more

Here is the KEN-TV video report:

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