Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sheriff questions BP line patrol strategy

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever directed his attention to the Border Patrol last week. During an interview with KFI AM 640 on Aug. 18, Dever said it has come to his attention that Border Patrol agents are avoiding certain areas along the Southern Arizona border to avoid conflict. "Agents have told me - this isn't second hand - that there are places where they don't work right along the border because it's too dangerous," Dever said. "There is concern at the management level, at a certain level, that it's too dangerous right there on the fence." Dever said it is his understanding that management is concerned about Border Patrol agents getting into a fight with illegal immigrants and smugglers and fear such a confrontation could spark an "international incident." Dever stressed that not all management is taking this approach, but some are. If this is the case, Border Patrol agents are basically being told, "not to do their jobs," Dever said. "I've been hearing this anecdotally for some time, but now I have Border Patrol agents and their families telling me that this is the case," he added. In a written statement to Capitol Media Services, last week, the U.S. Border Patrol denied Dever's allegations. Dever said calls reporting dead bodies in the desert, drugs, home invasions and break ins related to illegal immigration will continue to increase and bog down law enforcement until something is done to secure the border...more

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