Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heavily-armed agents raid Texas ranch with cartel links

The FBI raided an East Texas compound early Wednesday morning. Agents said the suspects have ties to drug cartels in Mexico and were trafficking drugs, assault rifles and prostitutes. The FBI used SWAT teams and heavy military equipment in the pre-dawn raid. They were worried about the potential firepower on the compound. They served what is called a "no-knock" warrant — basically went in unannounced and raided the ranch outside Henderson, Texas. Federal authorities believe the ring leader is a man named Victor Hernandez Jr. He lives on the ranch with his brothers and parents. Hernandez is said to have strong links to a violent Mexican drug cartel, and may be supplying them with assault rifles. They believe the clan also traffics in millions of dollars worth of drugs, specifically ICE or methamphetamine. In court documents released Wednesday, the FBI said the Hernandez clan "makes frequent trips to Mexico, taking with them a large number of weapons and then returning with large quantities of drugs."...more

Here is the KENS-TV video report:

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