Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Krentz Widow Speaks Out

"Well it's just been, "Groundhog Day." Every morning you've got to get up and relive it," said Sue Krentz. She clutched a tissue as she talked about her husband, rancher Rob Krentz. Sue could hardly say his name without breaking down. "Rob and I, we grew up together. We've just kind of always been together," she explained. But now Sue is facing life apart -- life without her rock, her husband, life without her best friend. "The emptiness, because Rob and I were such, maybe call us soul mates," she said. The soul mates were separated by a single act Sue said she'll never understand. "So, you know, I just don't know what happened," she said. She was in Phoenix helping her parents when she got the call from Rob's brother. "He said he couldn't find Rob and he'd been missing since about ten o'clock that morning," Sue said. By the time she got back to the home they'd shared for more than three decades, it was too late. Rob Krentz was killed on his own property, gunned down by suspected illegal immigrants. Sue has kept to herself for the past six months. "We still had to ship cattle. We had to get up and still pay the bills. You have to get up and just try to muddle through it," she said. She chose to grieve with her family and find a way to move forward before inviting cameras to see what life is like now. CBS 5 News was invited to walk the Krentz property. Our crew couldn't help but feel the void, the hole Rob's death carved here...more

I've written about human and drug traffickers, wilderness and wildlife areas, Border Patrol deployments and so on. But when you stop to consider the human suffering and loss involved here, all that is diminished and fades away.

God bless Sue Krentz and her family and all their future endeavors.

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