Thursday, September 09, 2010

McCain Rips Into Feds Over Border

The federal government has failed to secure its border with Mexico, and that means local police and deputies have to pick up the slack, Sen. John McCain told a group of border state sheriffs meeting here Wednesday. The Arizona Republican took some direct shots at President Barack Obama, who defeated McCain in the 2008 presidential election. In particular, he singled out the administration's opposition to Arizona's controversial immigration law. "If the federal government had carried out its responsibility, the state of Arizona wouldn't have felt compelled to (pass the law)," he said. McCain spent the first few minutes of his speech talking about the murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, who was killed in March while checking on water lines on his ranch near the Arizona/Mexico border. Authorities believe Krentz was killed by a drug smuggler. "Nobody would consider this being a border that is under control," he said. The people of southern Arizona, McCain said, feel like they live in a "no-man's land."...more

Let's see Senator, you blast the feds for not securing the border, while voting for Bingaman's S. 1689 which would designate a quarter of a million acres on or near the border as wilderness? You accuse the feds of not carrying out their responsibility while at the same supporting legislation that would tie their hands behind their back? What a pile of b.s.

And how do you propose to bring further security to the border? The same Albq. Journal article states:

Event organizer Jim Burleson said McCain was invited because members of the coalition wanted to learn more about a recently passed bill that appropriates $600 million for border security. In an interview with local media, McCain said the bill will also help battle any dangers associated with the drug war in Mexico. "I think it's helpful, it's just not enough," McCain said. He said he planned on introducing new legislation that would appropriate even more money.
Your plan appears to be: a) appropriate more money to hire more border patrol and give them better equipment, and b) designate more land along the border where they are prohibited from patrolling and can't use modern equipment.

In other words, your plan is pure, unadulterated b.s.

Expect the USDA inspectors in your office tomorrow.

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SLWilmeth said...

Arizona is anomoly to me. The courage to deal with S.1070 and yet the blind loyalty to John McCain. John McCain will be judged historically as the agent that sealed the deal for Mr. Obama's presence. Seemingly, when it gets down to the 'cuttin he is trying to build a bridge to the left that leaves us all vulnerable and confused.