Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent violence forces Juarez to cancel Diez y Seiz celebration

Heavy security has moved in as Mexico celebrates the bicentennial of its independence. Worries that drug cartels could launch an attack during the holiday festivities has the country on edge. Those fears have led Juarez to cancel its Diez Seis de Septiembre, Independence Day celebration. The mood in Juarez is tense. And this year's celebration should have been bigger than ever. September 16 marks 200 year's since Mexico declared independence from Spain, but vendors are struggling to sell even a few flags. Last year the streets were filled with festive stands as Juarez prepared for the independence day holiday. But this year the border city has cancelled the public celebration. The mayor will still give the grito - or re-enact the cry for independence. But the ceremony will be brief and is not expected to attract a crowd...more

Here is the KENS-TV news report:

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