Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wife Explains Life, Emotions Since Border Killing

But when cameras turn off and legislators go home, Sue Krentz still struggles to regain some sense of normalcy while living in a world of fear. Her husband was gunned down on their property by suspected illegal immigrants. "There's been over 400 people killed in Arizona by illegals, and why did this one galvanize the issue? Why did this one make such a public statement," asked Sue Krentz. Guilt isn't the emotion you'd expect to see playing out across Sue Krentz's face when she talks about her husband's death. "We'd never had anybody do anything until March 27," she said. Add disbelief, a heart-wrenching sadness and the never-ending confusion about what went wrong to the fear and guilt Sue Krentz feels. "We don't know what happened, all I know is it was a real disaster for us, you know," Krentz said. Border-crossers using the Krentz Ranch as part of their path into the U.S. is nothing new. It's so common, the Krentzes would typically help them, Sue said. "They'd (her family) bring them up to the house here and they'd feed them," she said. But Sue said that's all changed. "One time in eight days we had 500 border-crossers removed off the ranch. And they say, for every one they catch, two to three get away," she said. Now as she walks her property, she's painfully aware of what could happen. She said she knows life will never be the same on the Krentz Ranch...more

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