Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Baxter Black takes on the HSUS

...Staring up at me like an obscene gesture in a passing car window was listed the Humane Society of the United States. I wrote back to the publisher expressing my regret that I would not be able to pass along or recommend the book because of their association with HSUS. A group that has such a poisoned reputation in the horse world among so many veterinarians, horse raisers, trainers, cowboys, auction operators, trail riders, packers, breeders, performance and show people, not to mention many horse-related associations. HSUS bears a chunk of the responsibility for the tragedy of animal suffering and abandonment that has befallen the magnificent equine. It was at the front of the ill-fated closure of horse slaughter plants, which severely diminished the value of all horses. HSUS is the Rod Blagojevich of the horse world. I admit I didn't ponder long on my decision, because of my familiarity with HSUS. I do feel sympathy for the author and artist. They mean well and are genuine in their concern for the problem. But they are simply innocent of the HSUS that continues to be exposed for its less-than-honest portrayal of itself as a benign fundraiser that cares for abandoned or abused horses...more

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