Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gaia's Jolly Jokesters

I have previously posted about the enviro ad No Pressure. Here again is the 4 minute video. Watch it and then read the powerful comments by William N. Grigg.

...Were an inmate of the government school system in either the People's Republic of Blighty or the U.S.S.A. to submit a student film depicting fantasies of mass murder, he would be charged with terrorism and consigned to the nearest psychiatric gulag. Yet when the same diseased fantasy is submitted by a government-aligned eco-lobby, the sternest adjective used to describe it is "inappropriate." There's something other than the storied British understatement at work here. The 10:10 campaign's official reaction is a variation on the familiar non-apology, "I'm sorry that you were offended" -- a formulation commonly used by people seeking to deflect blame for genuinely offensive acts. "Many people found [No Pressure] extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't and 10:10 would like to apologise to everybody who was offended by the film," stated 10:10 global campaign director Lizzie Gillet. Fanny Armstrong, founder of 10:10, recited the same potted non-apology: "When the film was released ... lots of people found it funny, but many others were offended. Out of respect for those we offended, we immediately apologised and withdrew the film." I'm struck by the fact that 10:10's "apology" follows the same collectivist logic displayed in its perverted mass murder fantasy: The enlightened understand the joke, even if a few reactionary holdouts aren't enchanted by it. Pity, isn't it, that we don't have a master detonator that would reduce such charmless people to a bloody mist? The real problem for 10:10 is not that the stolid bourgeois didn't find No Pressure funny; instead, it's that the film laid bare the totalitarian misanthropy that resides at the core of the radical environmentalist movement...more

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Anonymous said...

I would not at all be surprised to discover that the origin of this film lies in the rabid ANTI environmental lobby. This film and all the hoop a la surrounding it reeks of a FALSE FLAG operation seeking to discredit all environmental protection advocates everywhere. The DEVELOP IT ALL, BULLDOZE IT ALL, CLEARCUT IT ALL, USE IT ALL UP AND THROW IT ALL INTO THE LANDFILL forces will stop at nothing to "try" and satiate their ravenous greed.