Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Interior Secretary Salazar Is Costing America Plenty

After toeing the White House line before the BP Oil spill commission on the future of offshore energy exploration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar continued his public relations tour last week with a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center. In the speech he outlined the Obama administration’s stance on energy policy, and specifically offshore exploration. Secretary Salazar continues to justify the offshore drilling moratorium, which has cost thousands of jobs even by his administration’s own estimates. Yet his ongoing spin cycle is only a small part of a larger effort to portray the image-conscious Salazar as a hero in the BP debacle. Unfortunately, Secretary Salazar’s carefully maintained image as a “boots and a suit” independent belies a stringent partisan with a lengthy history of fighting domestic energy exploration at every turn. From the Eastern Plains of Colorado to Alaska’s idled energy riches to the now desolate drilling rigs of the Gulf Coast, Secretary Salazar’s legacy of job killing enmity toward domestic energy is reaching its pinnacle...more

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Brett said...

The man literally doctored a report, and tried to pass it off on the credentials of others. Where is the investigation, let alone the outrage? Pull that kind of crap anywhere outside of the public sector, and you would at least face some sort of disciplinary measure.