Monday, October 04, 2010

Local rancher worships the cowboy way

His skin toughened by the sun and wind, cattle rancher Sam Noble sees God everywhere he looks. That may be why he was asked to create a cowboy-themed inspirational Christian service as part of the Durango Cowboy Gathering 22 years ago. "I started writing cowboy poetry because of this event," said Noble, a leader in Durango Cowboys for Christ. "I wrote one the first year, but it took me a year to memorize it so I didn't use it until the second year." The service, called A Cowboy & His Creator, will take place twice during the Cowboy Gathering this weekend - this afternoon in the Pullman Room at the Strater Hotel and Sunday morning in the Henry Strater Theatre. It will include cowboy songs, verse and rhyme on Christian themes. "I'm the only one that I know of that only writes cowboy gospel poetry," Noble said. "There's one I do for the kids about 'Old Cowboy Noah' and one about Adam and Eve." Noble also occasionally writes a poem for a special occasion. This year, Bob Brittain from Grants, N.M., will give the message at the service. Noble met him at a Baptist senior retreat in Tajique, N.M. "He knows the words to every song and gives a great message," Noble said about Brittain. A Cowboy & His Creator drew about 15 people the first year, when it was held at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. Now, Noble said, it has grown to the point that it fills the Henry Strater Theatre...more

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