Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Americans under fire in Mexico: Numbers mount in border towns

One body after another, the number of deaths at the hands of drug gangs is increasing quickly in Mexico. Among the dead are Americans found murdered -- including children. The death and violence is ripping apart families on both sides of the border. In a tiny home on a quiet street, Carmela Armendariz is haunted by regret. "I think, 'Why did I send my daughters with daddy?' But it's too late," she said. She had sent the twin girls, Eveyln and Eileen, to visit their father in Juarez. Hours later, that home would become a crime scene. The girls' father had tried to save them. When he heard gunfire, he quickly put Eveyln under the bed. But before he could hide Eileen, gunmen burst into the house. "We try to talk to her, to help her. She remembers everything," Armendariz said. From under the bed, Eveyln heard the hail of bullets that wounded her father and killed her six-year-old sister, her constant companion and identical twin. Children are among the growing number of U.S. citzens dying in Mexico as drug violence escalates. The border state Chihuahua is the most deadly, with more than 100 U.S. citizens murdered since October of last year. The majority were gunned down in Juarez. Some were caught in the crossfire, while others were clearly targeted. This past weekend, hitmen ambushed a car just minutes from the border. A married couple and teenager from El Paso died in the attack...more

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